Delegation Contest Week 2: Support Steem Bangladesh and Win Steem!

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A new contest for everyone, you can earn steem by increasing delegation to our community. Almost every week about $2000+ goes payout through our community. That means a lot sp of added to your wallet. We are requesting everyone to increase your delegation to our community account. To build up a 30,000 SP account into a 500,000 SP community account, delegation is playing a very important role. To make this deligation more interesting we have comes up with a contest that is based on delegation.



How to Participate

We are planning to run this contest every week. Each week we will choose the top three contestants as winners. The winners will be chosen how much percentage you have increased the current week by comparing to the previous last week. We also consider other facts like how much you have earned last week, how much power you have in your wallet.

What you have to Do

You can easily participate in the competition by following the steps below.

  • You have to delegate to the @steem-bangladesh community account.

  • You have to create a post in Steem Bangladesh by providing the necessary screenshot.

  • In your post you have to give the details of your delegation.

  • Two screenshots are mandatory. The screenshot of before your delegations and the screenshot after your delegation.

  • These two compulsory screenshots should be taken from



  • You can participate in this competition from any country.

  • You must have to increase your delegation to at least 10 SP delegations to participate in this competition. (For the newcomers it will be relaxable) If you don't know how to increase delegation then follow this tutorial.

  • You have to create the post between Friday and Thursday.

  • Use the tag #delegatesbd as one of your first four tags.

  • Any immoral activity will make you permanently banned from this community.

We hope everyone will be encouraged to delegating to build a strong community. Your community your freedom.


Prize pool 10 Steem worth of 9$

1st place5
2nd place3
3rd place2


All the post will be supported by Community Account

Cc. @steemitblog ,@steemcurator01, @steemcurator02

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