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There are many users in our community who have a good hand in art. There are also many in the entire Steemit community who love to do art. Today's contest is for those who love to do art. "Share your moon art with us."Anyone can participate in this contest, just you have to follow some rules.

Rules :

  • Your art must be your original work. Plagirarism will not acceptable.

  • You can write in any language. Less word is

  • Share 3-4 steps of your moon art.

  • You have to post through the "steem-bangladesh" community.

This contest will run for 7 days.


10 steem in the prize pool.

  • 1st place - 4 steem
  • 2nd place - 3 steem
  • 3rd place - 2 steem
  • 4th place - 1 steem

Cc- @steemitblog, @steemcurator01

Thank you.

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buen concurso voy hacer mi participación

Nice contest. I will participate

Genial concurso para los artistas de la comunidad.
Aquí dejo mi entrada. Suerte a todos

Good idea. I will try to participate.

Hola @sumon74 muy contento de participar con ustedes, por aquí mi entrada al concurso. Deseo lo mejor a todos los participantes.
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