The Diary Game//12-08-2021

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Hello friends.
How are you all?
Hope you are all healthy and well. I'm much better.

Starting my daily diary today:


Today I woke up around five in the morning. I woke up and went to the wash room and then I brushed my teeth. Then I prayed Fajr prayers. Then I was sweeping the house. I finished sweeping the house and made breakfast in the morning. After making breakfast, everyone ate together. Yesterday my daughter and son-in-law came from the in-laws' house. Just brought a day off.



I let them eat rice in the morning. After eating and drinking, I was at the table. Then I saw a banana outside. I left after hearing the price of the collar. Because he wanted more bananas. They ate and drank and left for Rangpur. Then I went to the kitchen to cook at noon. At first I made spices. Then I took the meat out of the fridge. Then I cooked meat from meat. Then I cooked fish fry. It took a long time to finish cooking.



I have to think about what to cook before cooking every day. Suddenly a lot of rain started while cooking. Now it is raining so it is starting to rain anytime. We had to work wet in the rain. Then we all ate lunch together. After eating, everyone was resting. Then my daughter went to Rangpur for her work. Then when the call to prayer was made, I prayed the prayer of prayer.



They left Rangpur in the evening. They actually gave them I dinner. Then we all ate halim together. Halim spices were bought and cooked at home so many halims were made. Everyone ate and drank together and fell asleep. This was my daily diary today.
Thanks everyone

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