Karamcha Flowers & Fruit

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Karamcha Talk-sweet is a standard national natural item. Karamcha tree is a genuine bramble with hard thorns. The colossal white and pale pink fragrant watermelon blooms look to some degree like an unpolished blossom. The shade of the characteristic item is green when rough and red when prepared.


Karamcha is excused as a characteristic item, anyway its dietary advantage, yet not to be ignored in any way shape or form! Each 200 grams of Karamcha contains-Energy-125 kcal Carbohydrates-30 grams Protein-0.10 grams Vitamin A-80 IU Vitamin C-76, Potassium-500 mg Karamcha energizes us from different perspectives.


Helpful properties of Karamcha characteristic item

Karamcha helps in hindering various sicknesses of scabies, teeth and gums.

Karamchate has no cholesterol. So this normal item is favorable for diabetics and heart patients.

Karamcha in like manner helps in weight decrease.

Karamcha-rich Karamcha updates hunger.

Karamcha helps in reestablishing intermittent cold and fever.


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