MASTURBATION is self manipulation to gain sexual satisfaction it's very common with teenagers since they are very sexually active.

Let's see some side effects of masturbation

It has its consequences including
✓lacerations(wounds) depending on what is used,
✓loss of future sexual pleasure and that's when you need it more,
✓It even lead to a bended penis in some men especially those who have practiced it for long and this can lead to erectile dysfunction in the later days cause the shape makes it not easy for blood to fill in faster into the veins and artery ensuring difficulty in getting an erection.

✓When equally you masturbate you loss some sensory neurones thus can't really enjoy sex later on in life. It might really be difficult to be satisfied during sex cause u have surely used stuffs harder than the penis or the vagina.

✓Inability to satisfy your spouse and in turn can not be satisfied by their spouse.

✓It also makes you a slave to your self satisfaction.

My advice is this if you find yourself in a situation that will lead to masturbation here is wat you can do.
~Avoid being alone
~Play games
~Read books
~Sing your best music or
~Dance or do sports
Any thing that can get your mind off such an action.

The only benefit I can talk about is that relieves sexual pressure and limit r
ape incidences.

What's your opinion about this??

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