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Good day Steemians!!
We have come into another day in which I will share with you my favorite programming language, which is Java. And I hope you would like my write up.

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I started learning programming from 2017, even though I have more knowledge on other programming languages, but what I find interactive is the Java programming language which I will like to share with you.

In 1995, Java was released as a high-level programming language. Oracle owns Java, which is used on over 3 billion devices. Java is available for a variety of operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS, and several UNIX versions.

Why Study Object-Oriented Java Programming?

-It gives applications a clear structure and allows code reuse, saving development costs.


-It's simple to understand

-It is safe, quick, and strong.

-It has a considerable following in the neighborhood.

Java is similar to C + + and C#, making it simple for programmers to transfer from one to the other.

The Use of Java Programming

-Apps for mobile devices (specially Android apps)

-Applications for the desktop

-Applications for the web

-Web servers and application servers are two types of servers.

-Connection to the Games Database

A Java program is a collection of objects that communicate with one another by invoking methods on each other.

Objects- Objects have states (properties) and behaviors (behaviors). A car, for example, has states like color, name, and brand, as well as behaviors like engine start, engine off, moving, and so on. A class's instance is an object.

Class- A class is a templateblueprint that explains the behaviorstate supported by an item of its type.

Method- A technique is a specific form of activity. A single class can include a large number of methods. Logic is represented, data is modified, and all actions are carried out in methods.

Instance Variables - Each object has a collection of instance variables that are unique to it. The values assigned to these instance variables define an object's state.

Package- A package is a grouping of similar classes.

What is the best way to write a program?

1.Phase of Problem-Solving

-Specification and analysis Recognize/define the issue and determine what the solution must accomplish.

-A broad solution (algorithm). Specify the objects and their interactions that will help you solve the problem. To see if the answer truly solves the problem, follow the procedures to the letter.

2.Concrete solution implementation phase (program).

-Test the object specifications and algorithms (the general solution). Allow the computer to run the software, then review the results. Errors should be identified and corrected.

3.Maintenance Phase\s

-Use the program.

-Keep the program going. Modify the application to match changing needs or to fix any faults that arise while using it.


Thank you for reading

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