Contest : Tell Us About Your Favourite Programming Language !

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Hello community,

You all are welcome to @dulip blog and to the interesting contest about our favorite programming language . Among the hundreds of programming languages I like that dark interface very much. Since my childhood I tried to be a mastermind in programming but I failed to archive that anyhow I managed to learn a few things in that insane language. Now I will tell you, That is "Python"...


If you google what are the best programming languages in the world then Python will take place. According to me I like this language because it has unique characteristics. We can introduce this language as high level and general purpose programming language. Now I think you can get same idea about why I like this language.. This language first appeared in the world in February 1991,now Python is 30 years old.😊😊


If you want to learn this insane language individually then nothing to worry, definitely you can learn it but you need some dedication. I learned it individually by using internet tutorials.. So guys if you need to learn anything internet is a priceless gift for us. Now I will tell you if you have an ordinary pc; how to learn Python. You have to follow these few steps first.


  • Step1- Type Python download in your search engine, then you will direct to this link
    After that you will be able to download the latest version Python language software.

  • Step 2- Download a suitable IDE for Python. I'm using PyCharm Community Edition but you can select as you prefer.

  • Step 3- Get ready to learn


Finally I want to say that Python is my favorite and I will study more and more about this language and I have to convey my heartiest thanks to the community arranging these kind of useful contest.

Thank you & stay safe
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Nice to read your post .

Keep posting and stay with our community.

Thank you


Nice write up


thanks bro