Learn the language of the nature.

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Hello Community,

I'm @dulip I think I will be able to complete a long journey with you guys. I like to share my little experiences and knowledge with you.. Ok, you all are welcome to my blog. Today topic is about insane and difficult topic, that's "Quantum Computing".


Today I like to give the concept and the basic fact of Quantum Computing then you can share you ideas with me and add your valuable ideas for the article also. First of I like to ask a question from you guys, Can you explain me about information?, I know that will be a complicated question for you, but my friend we all know the how we measure the information; from "Bits", in between two alternatives we can explain this quantity such as 0 or 1, true or false etc. All are correct answers. Before we look into the Quantum technology I like to explain the basic need of Quantum computing in the future.


Before 1950's there was nothing called as electronics but after the involvement of semiconductors there was a huge revolution and Electronic Engineering came to first place. The day by day it took a large improvement and Gordon Moore, co-founder of Fairchild Semiconductor and Intel, he found the number of transistors in an integrated circuit doubles about every two years approximately.


Due to this law after 40 years we can't speed up our computers. Do you know the reason or can you imagine? The reason is it will exceed the minimum distance between two transistors according to the Moore's law. When this happen electrons will subjected to the action called "Quantum Tunneling", than means we will unable to control the circuit functions anymore. So that Scientist realized to prevent this problem in future they tried to find solutions, Quantum Physics gave the real solution for that and that is the concept of Quantum Computing. This will be very familiar to our future generations.

This is the language of the nature or universe according to the Physical laws. I thin you also search about this and add some information for the article. We'll meet soon on our next article.

Thank you and stay safe...
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An Interesting article bro. Its one of my favourite subjects Quantum Computing 😎
You've explained it well 👍👍


Thanks for the appreciation brother 😍😍😍👍


Nice to read your post.

Keep posting and stay with our community .

Thank you