Mathemticians at a glance || Photography to Memorize and Appreciate OLD Mathematics and Their Work||My University @minhajuniversitylahore @zerotoinfinity @icon11

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I especially thank the @Steam Family for @Steemit platform for having made me such a place through which I can improve my skills, learn, eat something else, motivate and inspire others. I did not like mathematics from matriculation to intermediate, was afraid, did not understand and considered very difficult subject. But with the passage of time, my mind got confused, I understood that my concepts were made and I started feeling math interesting and famous now. That's why I graduated in this subject, then did master and now I am doing M.Phil Mathematics , all these efforts have been performed by my teachers. I am here to the beauty of mathematics in a bird's eye view. I am profesionaly Mathematics Teacher. My Qualification is BS MATHEMATICS. Now, I am doing M.Phil Mathematics From MINHAJ UNIVERSITY LAHORE. I am very keen to learn Mathematics and motivate others through my service. Peolpe always like history. Without, we can not get any clue about a particular subject. Our forefathers have great interest about Mathematics. They had had great skills about Mathematics.

Gallery View of Minhaj University Lahore, Mathematics Department. Great Effort by HOD Mathematics Department Dr. Niat Nigar


(212-287 BCE)


Every Mathematician knows the work and skills for Mathematics. His best work is the areas of regular shapes. We have to accept his work and deliberation for Mathematics.

  • Joseph Louis Langrange



We use Lanrange notation for derivative. Langrange Mean Value Theorem is his basic nominities. He had done great job prmoting Mathematics.

  • Phythagoras



We use Phythagoras Theorem to find the sides of right triangle. He had done great work in Physics too. His best work is in Trigonometry.

  • Issac Newton



Everyone uses and knows the Newton's Laws in Physics. He had performed many approaches towards Differentiation and Integration. His best skills are for Binomial Theorem and Infinite Series etc.

  • Emmy NOETHER



Her best work is in Diffetential Invariants and Differential Calculus. She is also a very attractive lady for the youngsters ladies.




He had done great work in Fluid Mechanics. Our HOD has also great interest in Fluid Dynamics. He had won many international Awards. He is known for his De Alembert criterion.




His best work is for Trigonometry. He introduced Sine Series for plane triangles.

  • My Comments

When I saw this in my university gallery I was so happy to see these pictures and I was very sure that their speaks captured these historic and informative pictures. Our young mathematicians have forgotten their senior, their former position mathematician, that is why they are not able to do anything new in maths. We have to understand ourselves, we have to understand our old mathematicians, we have to follow in his footsteps, we have to see his asuras, what they have done, where they are feeling at ease.

  • Dated:- 11/06/2021

  • Location

  • Minhaj University Lahore Mathematics Department

  • Source:- VIVO-S-1 Main Camera

  • My Motivation and Advice

  • Do good, have good

  • Good Luck

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