Fourth Contest let's solve these logical problems| Results by josegonzalito

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Good evening friends, continuing with the series of contests let's solve these logical problems, the time limit for sharing the results of the two problems that were part of this fourth edition has been reached.

I hope you had as much fun as I did designing the contest and that you were able to exercise your brain with these challenges.

I would like to thank the friend @tarpan for his support for the realization of this contest and also to all those who participated.

Here I present the two problems proposed:

Problemas Lógicos 4-01.png

Problem 1 Jumbled Equation.

Problemas Lógicos 4-02.png

Problem 2 The Sheep .

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And here we have the answers ...

Problemas Lógicos 4-03.png

Problem 1 Jumbled Equation.

Problemas Lógicos 4-04.png

PProblem 2 The Sheep .

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This time 23 steemians participated, of which only 10 answered correctly and among those who were distributed the prize of 8 Steems.

Each of them received 0.8 Steem.

Additionally, an honorary 1 Steem award was given to @padmore and @mchandra for standing out in the explanation of their answers.

Thank you all very much for your participation and support and in particular to the friend @tarpan, who is supporting and sponsoring this contest.






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I am satisfied that more participants have been joining the contest, which motivates me to continue looking for new challenges and riddles for you.

Thanks to the support of @tarpan and @zero-to-infinity

CC: @steemcurator01, @steemitblog

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