NEUROBICS: The New Science of Brain Exercise by @josegonzalito

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It has been scientifically proven that our brain works like a muscle, that as we stop using it it can become atrophy and on the contrary, as we exercise it, every day it will become healthier and stronger.

NEUROBICS refer to all those brain exercises and mental activities aimed at improving the capacities of our brain through the creation of new neural connections and pathways using our senses in unconventional ways.

Many times it happens to us that at some point we forget a name, an address, an important number, a date, or perhaps our memory fails to remember certain moments in our life, and it can happen that we suddenly forget where we put our keys or where we put down our glasses; Some might say that these are all symptoms of the inevitable degeneration of our brain and all its functions, but I must tell you that recent studies have shown that perhaps they are wrong.

The good news, however, is that mild forgetfulness is not a disease like Alzheimer's and action can be taken to combat it. Recent brain research points to new approaches that can be incorporated into everyday activities to develop and maintain brain connections.

Evidence clearly shows that the brain doesn't have to go into a steep decline as we get older. In fact, in 1998, a team of American and Swedish scientists demonstrated for the first time that new brain cells are generated in adult humans.

Contrary to popular belief, the mental decline most people experience is not due to the steady death of nerve cells. Instead, it usually results from the thinning out of the number and complexity of dendrites, the branches on nerve cells that directly receive and process information from other nerve cells that forms the basis of memory. Dendrites receive information across connections called synapses. If connections aren't regularly switched on, the dendrites can atrophy. This reduces the brains ability to put new information into memory as well as to retrieve old information.

Growing dendrites was long thought to be possible only in the brains of children. But more recent work has shown that old neurons can grow dendrites to compensate for losses.


Regeneration of neurons is possible in adult brains.

Other experiments show that neural circuits in adult brains have the capacity to undergo dramatic changes—an ability scientists thought was lost after childhood. The aging brain, however, continues to have a remarkable ability to grow, adapt, and change patterns of connections."

Discoveries like these are the basis of a new theory of brain exercise. Just as cross training helps you maintain over all physical fitness, Neurobics can help you take charge of your overall mental fitness.

Neurobics aims to help you maintain a continuing level of mental fitness, strength, and flexibility as you age.

The exercise program calls for presenting the brain with nonroutine or unexpected experiences using various combinations of your physical senses: vision, smell, touch, taste, and hearing, as well as your emotional "sense." It stimulates patterns of neural activity that create more connections betweendifferent brain areas and causes nerve cells to produce natural brain nutrients, called neurotrophins, that can dramatically increase the size and complexity of nerve cell dendrites. Neurotrophins also make surrounding cells stronger and more resistant to the effects of aging.

Neurobics is very different from other types of brain exercise, which usually involve logic puzzles, memory exercises, and solitary practice sessions that resemble tests.


The construction of new neural pathways is one of the goals of Neurobics.

Instead, Neurobic exercises use the five senses in novel ways to enhance the brain's natural drive to form associations between different types of information. Associations (putting a name together with a face, or a smell with a food, for example) are the building blocks of memory and the basis of how we learn.

Deliberately creating new associative patterns is a central part of the Neurobic program.

The word Neurobics is a deliberate allusion to physical exercise. Just as the ideal forms of physical exercise emphasize using many different muscle groups to enhance coordination and flexibility, the ideal brain exercises involve activating many different brain areas in novel ways to increase the range of mental motion.

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I hope you like the topic that I share with you in my work today and that we will continue to discuss in future publications, with the intention of understanding how our brain works and how we can exercise it to keep it healthy and fit.

This information that I bring to you is consistent with the problems, riddles, puzzles, mathematical and logic exercises that we share in our community.

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