CLub75 Power-up and have reached 3900 STEEM.

2개월 전


Hello everyone, Today we are going to do 16th time powered up in our community for #club5050 and #club75 . Our community is attempting to be strengthened. Powering up can help to strengthen a community. #club5050, #club75 and #club100 are open to everyone, We encourage everyone to join. We hold contests on a regular basis in order to expand the number of active members in our community, and individuals naturally participate in them. We are doing everything we can for the community's benefit. Today, we hit a new high of 3738 STEEM power. Thanks @steemcurator01's for being supportive with us. Please accept our heartfelt gratitude for joining us.


Our initial Steem Power was 3765


We have powered up total 156 steem

Now we have crossed 3921 sp milestone.


By today's powering up, we have strong our position as a members of Club75. We have powered up more than 100% of our earned STEEM. In the last two months, we have powered up 738 STEEM, according to the scenario, which shows 104% powered up.


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