Fairy tale competition @nancybriti. The ugly duckling

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Once upon a time, in a very far away land, there lived a duck. It wasn't pretty like all the other ducks. It feathers weren't shining and it didn't know how to swim in the right formation like all the other ducks.
When the other ducks walked tap tap tap.
It walked bap bap bap.
When the other ducks quack quack quack.
It sweak sweak sweak.
When the other ducks stopped to stare at a stone. He wondered why he never stared at a stone.
The other ducks nicknamed it the ugly duckling.


But it didn't care.
The ugly duckling loved not knowing how to swim in a formation.
It loved loved it dull feathers
It loved how he bap when others tap.
It loved how it sweak when others quack.
And he definitely loved not staring at a stone.
The ugly duckling loved itself just the way he was.
He was the happiest among all other ducks.


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The Ugly Duckling is one of the most beautiful stories in existence. Thank you for participating and good luck.

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