Where Is Your House Son (Happy Mother's Day)

7개월 전


Dear All

People say my son is an activist. They said his name was famous on campus there. People say my son is an activist. With a myriad of activities which he calls the mandate of the people. People say my son is an activist. But can I tell you son? Mother says you are just an innocent little kid.

My son, because he said you were an activist, my mother became an activist mother again. With all your busy life, mom tries to understand how much you want your time to be filled with all that is useful. Mom really understands the child, but is spending time with your mother a waste of time, son? Truly half of Mother's life has been spent raising and spending time with you, son, without ever thinking that it was time wasted.

My son, we are under the same roof, son, on the same roof when you used to spoil your mother. But now where is your house boy? Mother no longer sees your soul in this house. All day long, Mother waits for your presence at home with full of prayer so that Allah will always take care of you. Late at night you come back with a disheveled face. Maybe your laughter has ended today, but I hope you will make a smile for this mother who misses you so much. Ah, I have to understand again, that you are so tired from all your activities that you can no longer smile for you. Or let alone smile, just to see your mother. You said you were busy chasing deadlines. Even if you know kids, I would love to hear all your activities today, make sure you are fine, give a little advice that I'm sure you know better. I am not a child activist of your caliber, but am I not your mother? 9 months of your time that you spent in my womb ...

My son, I hear you are very busy, son. It seems that you are so worried about the fate of your organization that you work out all the strategies to recruit your members. You seem to really care about all of that, I'm proud of you. But part of your mother's heart began to ask you my son, when was the last time you asked how your mother was, son? Do you worry about mom as much as you worry about the success of your show? When was the last time you asked about your sibling's son? Is your younger sibling no more important than members of your organization?

My son, Mother is very sad to hear your words. When you feel very unproductive, you should spend time with your family. Indeed son, spending time with your family will not complete the pile of tasks that you have to make, or complete the various mandates you have to do. But isn't this your family your job too, son? Isn't this your family your mandate that you also have to protect, son?


My son, Mother tries to open your agenda book. Activist agenda book. Your schedule is really busy, kid, there are meetings here and there, there are study schedules, there are schedules to meet important figures. Mother, open sheet by sheet, there is a set of your agenda, there is a collection of your dreams and hopes. Mother opens again sheet by sheet, still I hope your mother's name is there. It turns out that there are no boys, no agenda to be with your old mother. There is no dream for your mother. Meanwhile, son, if you know since you were still in the mother's womb, there is no goal and agenda that is more important to you than your goals and agenda, my son ...

If you are allowed to borrow their language, they say you are a professional organizer. May I ask, son, where is your profession for you? Where is your professionalism for the family? Where do you place your family on your priority scale?

Ah, your time is too expensive, son. To the extent that Mother could no longer buy time to be with Mother ...

Every encounter will find its end. Also meet loved ones, mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters. Finally, it didn't go back a second, didn't go forward a second. And until then, lest all that remains is regret. About love for those who are also still ashamed to say it. About the longing for togetherness that dangles late.
For those whose affections never break, for them a pillar of this fighting spirit. Really, nothing is more important than their enjoyment of all the activities we do. Because without their pleasure, it is impossible for you to have His pleasure.

"Happy Mother's Day"


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