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Have you had your weekend getaway lately? If you love to explore northern Cebu, Elegant Beach Resort in San Remigio might be one of the places you want to add to your itinerary.


Every summer our family always travel to distant south or distant north to relax, unwind and enjoy each other's company, spending quality time catching up.

San Remigio boasts of having Cebu’s longest shoreline. Beaches there are described as ‘naturally extraordinaire’. It offers ample choice in accommodation from luxury down to pension houses. Many of the resorts can offer great views of the coast and mountains  and most places.


Elegant Beach Resort

Aptly named as such, Elegant Beach Resort exudes elegance, but at an affordable price.

Unwind and fall in love with the beauty of Cebu even more while sipping your coffee fronting the beach. Listen to the calming sound of the waves while it touches the sand or read your favorite book in their hammock while letting the wind brush your hair.

A place like this needs no camera filter. Elegant Beach Resort is a purely fascinating view with its fine, white sand, green trees and blue skies. The water can’t get any better, though. It is clean, clear and cold!  The shoreline is pretty long, too. Perfect for long romantic walks by the beach!


Team building activities are also welcome here. There is a nice, grassy area where you can set up tables and chairs for small gatherings should you wish to celebrate birthdays, weddings, or anything there.

The resort charges 150 pesos per person as entrance fee. Cottages are available for use, it depends on the sizes.

They have several cottages there if you want to stay for just one whole day.

  • Small Cottage - P1,000/day
  • Large Cottage - P2,000/day
  • Table and chairs -  P250/set (1 table; 4 chairs)


Cebu To San Remigio | How To Get There?

Catch a bus from the North Bus Terminal heading to Hagnaya around 120 Peso. The trip takes around 3 hours and passes San Remigio on its way to Hagnaya.

If you’re driving a vehicle, simply navigate with Waze and search for “Elegant Beach Resort” in San Remigio.

I think that's all for today. see you on my next blog.


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Yes sir. I'll check it out. Thank you for this info sir @juichi.

Beautifully blog. Also, when you put the currency, make it in dollars. That way we understand better. Will love to read more of your blogs.


Thank you @jeetendra. Yes, maybe next time. Anyways, thank you for droppin by.

The scenery of that resort is breathtaking, those fine white sands and clear water, truly a perfect place to relax and chill.


Absolutely. You should visit this place.