Steem Feedback Contest Entry Post; By @ckole

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Hello steemian. I'm glad to participate in the contest. I want to be specific and straight forward so I will go straight to the questions and answer them.

First question

As a member of the Steem community, What improvement would you like to see on the social platform

The first thing I will like to see is a new UI/UX design. The interface has been what we know from day 1 of the steemit community. The interface is simple and that's cool. However, I would love to see another unique design that would be more captivating. I would have come up with a simple User interface design but I'm entering the contest a little late so there is no time to do that, but I can design something cool if it would be accepted. At least, we've had a change in hand in the leadership. It would be nice if there are some tweaks to the user interface
Secondly, There is wide white space on the interface. It can be used to display some information like the daily Alexa rank, daily visitors, the number of pages viewed on a daily basis, daily blog post, and so on. This can be in form of a slide moving sideways accordingly or stagnant on a certain space. It is a kind of information that could serve a purpose


By the right side, theses information can be located

Second question

Which other features, tools, improvements, and functionalities do you believe will benefit the user experience and improve the usability of the social platform?

I believe there are tools that are needed on steemit. The steemit notification feature has been helpful. However, it has a limited capacity. I think we need something related to GINABOT on steemit. With this tool, we would be able to follow and get a notification for specific tags, know when someone we set for an alert release a post, know when anyone mentions someone we already lock for notification and more. I believe this tool would help users to stay more active because some notification can improve activities on the platform

Screenshot (53).png

The third question

If you are the owner or manager of a Steem community, tell us more about what you believe will improve the "Communities" update and its management system.

If I am the CEO of steemit, one of the things I think would improve the community is the introduction of a swapping system on the steem blockchain where steem would be the main token. I'm sure this would increase the user base and allow people to buy and hold steem. Also, pertaining to the updates, @steemitblog has been doing a good job. There cannot be an update when there is nothing to showcase. Activities on the platform and the ideas implemented to make people stay active brings about updates. Nevertheless, when we talk about technological updates, it has to be a consensus issue. As far as steemit remains a decentralized community, tech updates are carried out as hard fork which is always disclosed to the community before commencement. So what would improve the management system is the prioritization of the witnesses managing the nodes and every other community member starting from the steemit team to the contributors. One tree cannot make a forest. We all need ourselves to survive on the steem ecosystem
Thanks to @samuel20 for inviting me to join the contest. Even if I didn't meet up, I'm cool I participated one way or the other.

er. Thanks for reading.

One love



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Thank you for sharing your feedback and for your entry into this contest.

Notification like ginabot would be awesome, I personally still use discord notification now we have dinobot, and hopefully on steemit too, sometimes if someone comment or mentioned me on second layer of comments, I didn't get notifiy..



Yes. I think the notification system needs an improvement. Ginabot was awesome. There are a lot of features it offered. Steemit inc can look into creating something similar, either on discord or on the steemit interface. Thanks for the reply @cryptokannon. One love.