unique habits of geniuses

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Genius is a term or expression to people who have, the capacity for intelligence above average in the intellectual field, especially shown in creative and original work, a genius will always show individuality and a strong imagination not only intelligent but also unique and innovative, someone will be said to be a genius if he has an IQ (itellegence quotient) of 140.

Geniuses have a variety of unique habits, along with a little exposure to the uniqueness of geniuses.

selective in choosing friends.

Geniuses are usually more likely to choose their friends or partners, they are not arbitrary, in that they are very selective, even in love affairs, they prioritize logic over feelings.

sleep schedule less.

Geniuses tend to be sleep deprived because they work at night because the atmosphere at night makes them have peace of mind at work, they will mostly sleep two or four hours a day.

likes to talk to myself.

sometimes we have seen people who talk to themselves and smile to ourselves we just laugh at them and we think they are just crazy people maybe it's not necessarily true they are crazy people, it could be they are geniuses, because geniuses like to talk and smile by themselves because they salute what is in their brains related to the brilliant ideas that arise in their reasoning.

have a wild imagination.

Geniuses have fantasies and extraordinary ways of thinking, there are a million ideas and plans in their heads, it is a sign that they are creative people and are able to solve problems with the power of their minds, and sometimes geniuses are able to manifest something that cannot be realized. by the minds of other people we usually call it miraculous.

and let me describe a few of the characteristics of a genius person so that all friends can distinguish a genius from an ordinary person.
the trait of a genius.

have good reason and mind

  • can learn fast
  • sensitive and irritable
  • have moral sensitivity
  • a higher level of curiosity
  • have a strong interest
  • act cute and like to joke
  • love to read
  • like to imagine
  • have a lot of sense
  • attention to justice

that's a little scribble that I wrote, hopefully it will be useful for all of them.

signed @devill


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Payah ta terapkan, nak jenius cit menyoe meunan..


Iya bang hrs taterapakan agar mangat jenius ta tumuleh dan ivote le tuan rumah

Hello @devill, continue creating quality posts. Someday you will be a good writer.


Thank you for your support, I promise I will continue to write, because I also have a hobby of writing