Why have I been blogging ON and OFF in Steemit before?

2개월 전

Although I can't say that I will be consistent this time, I still want to share this thought before it leaves my mind. I feel I needed to write something like this to remind myself about the things I have done and achieved for many years of my stay in the Steem Blockchain.


Before all that, let's have a bit of an introduction to how I got here. I found Steemit from an AD. I'm not quite sure now if it was on Facebook or YouTube. I always see a user popping up and talking about how great the platform was. So one day, I just found myself finishing the entire ad. That was the day I decide to sign up and become a user.

Flash forward, when I got to the platform and wrote a few, I honestly felt a bit lost and unappreciated. It was like no one notices you. And I confirmed that it wasn't only me who felt that way. I thought most of the users before felt like they only want to upvote high-quality written articles of other users. It's not an excuse. I know somebody out there might say that I should've done a better job to get attention from other users. But from a newbie perspective, I thought it might have been better if most users were more appreciative of those who try to develop their craft.

So during my stay, I also witnessed many users becoming inactive and giving up along the way. They weren't almost unable to get a good reputation. Before, I thought that reputation measures how much others can appreciate your work. I don't know if it's still the way now. I felt like the platform was also abused by many users and bots who took advantage of the users and reward pool. And, of course, those are just plain guesses. But the fact that those happened, it was hard to deny it wasn't a healthy environment.

After all that, more things changed as the years pass; some things about hard forks that I honestly don't understand and the acquisition of the platform. Nonetheless, I continued to exist in Steemit and come by now and then. Sometimes, I'll make a post for my blog. And there are times that I'll check if the users I know are still active or not. That also happened, I guess, because the of steem and sbd went very low.

But today, it looks like the efforts of those who stayed in the community are not wasted. To have this much growth is probably a lot of work to do. And I'd like to thank everyone who did that and didn't give up on the platform. No words to say, but thank you.

I know tomorrow is uncertain, but I wish to continue to exist here and see my growth as well. I'm just starting to manage my depression through all these years. And yes, blogging has somewhat affected me mentally too. But chances are always there. We all have the option we want, and we need to pick the right ones for the right time.

Looking forward to more blogging content coming from me. Happy steeming! ^^

© imawreader


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I get this, not exactly but still. Thanks for sharing, @imareader. See you around. Also, what do you read? :)


Thank you for appreciating it. I can't exactly say since I have a lot of things that interest me, but if we're talking about blogging; some are stories of inspiration and motivation, some good content about photograpy, and maybe some travel blogs.

I like reading news article before, but lately I can't seem to finish one article since my time is limited these days. There's a lot of work and pressure in the background so that affects my productivity as well. Right now, I'm just trying to write my thoughts and carefully aligning each of them to have a good cohesion because I know that is a good requirement in writing content.

Thank you @steemingcuration! I was away since I got busy with other sutffs, and I was actually trying to see if someone from the Steeming Community would notice me.

This is encouraging, thank you.