Thank You my Sons, You are my Best Friends!

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Today is Father’s Day and I can’t hide my feeling of discernment. This is my 3rd father's day away from my family. I already missed so many special moments with them.

This morning, I was surprised by the effort of my two sons who greeted me. It only makes me miss them more. But I need to be strong to overcome all those loneliness. I will sacrifice everything to give them a better education and a better life. Ever since I've been a responsible father to my children and a loyal husband to my wife. We wrestle against all trials together as a family without asking for help from anyone. I know it is not an easy thing to be called a best father,but I will always plan for their future and do all the best I can to deserve their love and respect.

I recall when my second son was born, wherein it's only me and my wife in the hospital. Her pregnancy was a bit sensitive. We were there for almost a week. As I've seen some couples, they were assisted by their parents and their relatives. But it's only me who took care of my wife 24 hours a day until she gave birth. All those hardships and stress are all paid off the moment I see my child healthy. Even the doctor jokingly said he wants to adopt our child and make an agreement. I jokingly told him too, that even how poor I might be I will raise my child with my blood and sweat.

To be a father is both a privilege and a never-ending responsibility. God gave us a reason why we are called fathers in a family. Raise our children with integrity, be there every time they need a friend, and listen to their jokes and laugh with them. Rightfully communicate with them. Me, I don't treat my child as a child, I always treat them as a friend. They don’t even call me papa, usually, they call me “Bam” or a close friend. Kids who feel their father don't pay respect to them are mostly the ones who are mischievous and are not achievable in their study. Our kids gain self-confidence from us, father!

There is no specific description of being a good father, but it can be seen in the eyes of our children, the way they look up to us.

Happy Father’s Day to all of us fathers! Cheers,

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Happy father's day sir @juichi. Your hard work will be blessed by God. You are amazing!💕


Thanks, ma'am, extend my greetings also to sir @steemitcebu.


Will do.☺️

Happy Father's day Sir

Belated happy fathers day sir @juichi.


Same to you sir @natz04, Happy Father's day!😀


Thank you sir👍

Happy fathers day. Fathers play an intereting role in the life of their child, they deserve to be celebrated.


happy father's day juichi🥰



Happy Father's day sir @juichi, Godbless you always!


Hello, ma'am @lealtafaith, thank you.🙏