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It's been weeks since this new application called "SteemScan" came out, which seeks to replace the void left by the exchange called "Blocktrades" that left the community without a native exchange with which to exchange our cryptom currencies for others of our interest. In that sense, in this publication I intend to cover the most important aspects of this new platform, so that the community knows every relevant feature of it.

I will make this revision in the following way or better said with the following format:

  • Origin of the platform (Its creators)
  • Options Menu
  • Steem price in different currencies
  • Day/Night Option
  • Languages

Without further ado, I will begin...

Origin of the platform (Creators)


SteemScan was born under the creation of an incredible team called @roadofrich, with the support and knowledge of @futureshock. Both share similar missions, since their main goal is to create a game ecosystem built under the Blockchain technology, however, they also have other ideals, which is to provide useful and easy to use tools for anyone who makes active life in the Blockchain of Steem.

This is where they came up with the idea of filling a big gap left by the exchange called "Blocktrades", which was mainly in charge of making exchanges from STEEM to other currencies and vice versa, but due to the bifurcation Blocktrades decided to go to the Blockchain of HIVE and leave Steem without native exchange, which excellently addressed @roadofrich and @futureshock.

Options Menu


Quick Convert

Perhaps the most important part of the platform and the approach to it is this option called "Quick Convert", where STEEM exchanges are made into the following currencies:

  • USDT
  • BTC
  • TRX

Quick Convert.png

Now, as most of us know, many, if not all, of the platforms require people to go through a process called KYC (Know Your Customer), which is simply uploading our personal information and documents to the platform, so that the creators of the platform can verify that we are real people.

Although it is an interesting security feature, the truth is that it is quite tedious to carry out this process and many times we need our money very fast, so we need to comply with this. Now this is the advantage of using SteemScan, there is no need to carry out the KYC process, so we only need our withdrawal address of one of the 3 currencies supported by the platform, create the order and that's it, that's how easy and simple we will be exchanging our Steem for these currencies.

Important: The platform charges a standard fee for all transactions within the platform, no matter the amount to be exchanged, it will always be around 1.02 USD and 1.04 USD. This is an excellent option for accounts that repeatedly move large amounts.



A very interesting option, where we can see the current list of the main witnesses that support the Steem platform. In addition to this we can filter by the current range that each of these have, see the total of Steem mined, the number of the last block mined, as well as its status. A very useful tool, since through this we will also be able to decide which of these to vote for.




Something I loved is that also through the platform, we can see the top of applications that are created under the Blockchain of Steem, also choose to see all, not only the main ones, being a total of 436 currently. In this way, SteemScan offers us an interface where we can search for our favourite applications, find out what they are about and, in addition, go directly to them to use them.




Something very important is that the transactions we make through SteemScan, we can search for them, so that some user wants to take control of each of its exchanges, so through the option of "Search". Here we can filter the search in 3 main options which are:

  • Transaction
  • Block
  • Account


This way we can get the information we need by using either the transaction ID, if we manage to save it, the number of the block where the transaction is stored, or the name of the account involved with that exchange.

Steem price in different currencies


Always for an exchange we must have in mind the price of the asset that we are going to buy and/or sell, a very good feature that SteemScan has is that we will be able to see in real time the current price of the STEEM in the currency that we choose, either one of the most used cryptom currencies or the Fiat currencies of some countries.

By default we will always see the STEEM compared with the USD, but also as I said we can see the price in Euros for example, or see how many satochis are 1 STEEM. These are very important particularities to take into account, since it gives us the facility to adapt depending on the region where the user is.

Some of the currencies that we will be able to choose to see the price of the Steem when we click in the superior right part, are the following ones:

  • AUD
  • BRL
  • BTC
  • CAD
  • CHF
  • CNY
  • ETH
  • EUR
  • GBP
  • JPY
  • KRW
  • LTC
  • NZD
  • RUB
  • USD
  • TRX

Precio del Steem.png

Day/Night Option


Another very good option, and one that is quite in demand on very frequently used platforms, is the option to set night mode. Many people including me, are bothered by the light that the computer emits, as we do active life in them, many times we need to relieve our sight and by changing to night mode we can give a slight rest to our eyes, so this is a very good feature in my opinion, so I also highlight it so they can visualize where it is.

Modo nocturo.png



To finish this is the usual feature that we find in exchange platforms, which is to change the language according to the user's preferences, so you can see it in your native language, being easier to understand and easier to handle.




I hope this revision of the SteemScan platform has been useful for you, where I highlight all the most relevant features, making special emphasis on the "QUICK CONVERT" section, so that users know how it works and what they should take into account when making their STEEM exchanges to USDT, BTC and TRX.


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Wow!! The Steemscan is really reassuring, as it has boosted my confidence that steemit will conquer our social worlds. Quick Convert is offering exchange to other forms of crypto with a flat standard fee? Thats fantastic!!!!

Wide array of choices of search either for block, transactions or account eases the effort as well. I think bulk crypto exchangers will love it and it will attract more people. Thank you @lenonmc21 for this review, it really enlightened me.


Greetings dear @njaywan, good that you liked it, I really think that also the Steemscan is positive for the community, a big step.