A better life with steem: Let me introduce you to my poultry

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But first here is a brief history on how we started our poultry.

My mom sought for an extra means of generating more income and money to meet our growing needs

So Around July, 2018. With the help of our church member she started her own poultry. The woman taught my mom the process, how it works, the dos and don't, e.t.c to maximize the growth of the birds and the sales of the birds.

As a beginner she started with 100birds. The expenses (buying to raising) was about N58000. Her only profit was just 2birds that the buyers left behind.

The woman said it because the number of birds she raised, that the higher the number of birds, the higher the profit.

the list of the first birds and the total expenses

With all that sour experience, we continued to increase the figures and we were now used to the process. Unfortunately, the covid19 pandemic came and every thing went down.

Today, we are currently raising the 2nd breed of birds after the sales of the first breed of birds.

8JGP+HJ Benin City
see my birds

How To Raise A Poultry.

You can start from one of your rooms, you balcony, or preferably raise a structure for them. When you have the space, and security in check, your poultry is ready. As far as I know, nobody steals little birds because a thief can't raise a bird.

The tips to follow if you want to raise day old chicks.

• before the arrival of the birds, endeavor to wash the space properly with HYPO or a strong cleaning agent.

• spread dry surdust on the space and cover it with newspapers or any material that can absorb water.

• upon the arrival of the birds, expose them to the space and generate heat for them because they will cling to each other. This is the most dangerous process, the period where you will have to check on them 24/7.

If there is enough heat(burn charcoal, or use that 200watts red bulb and level it close to them) they will stop that clinging and start eating on time.
Any bird that refuses to eat will be closer to death

• mix two amoxy-col and one doxy-gen in a dry container collect a leveled spoon from the mixture and add it to a half bucket of water containing a leveled spoon of vitamins and give to the birds to drink. –Continue this for five days.

• don't use rain water at any point in time for the birds.

•the 7th day is the first doze of lasota(new castle disease) vaccine and two days after is the first doze of Gumboro vaccine. This vaccines is to last for one hour from the time of administration

• you should remove the newspaper or the cloth preferably on the 7th day and expose them to the surdust directly. They must have picked them out already.

• kepcox is for cossidiosis and is administered on the 15th and 16th day from the day it was hatched.

• always observe the birds character, when they are not eating properly, administer tylodox to them. It should be for 2–3 days

• the second doze of lasota should have about 11–12 days interval from the first doze of gumboro and the second doze of gumboro follows 2days later.

• round up the process with embargin forte before you start selling.

Please it is advisable to seek the hands of an experienced person from your location, because the process here can be different from the process there. I hope you understand.

See our birds are 2weeks old today.

The red nature they have now means they are growing properly. If they should have a lot of feathers, just know they have a bad growth.

More pictures

Don't starve them with food, it will affect their growth

Happy poultry

all pictures are from our poultry

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