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Welcome to my diary!


dear diary,
This morning I got up from bed at about 5am. I was not doing anything so I lied back without falling asleep. I heared a knock on the door by few mins after 6am.

I suspected it to be my dad, and when I opened the door, it was my dad. He brought some harvests from the farm for us.

My mom told him that I will follow him home so I can carry the poultry waste and dispose it off in the bush. I was not prepared for such a journey, but she already mentioned my name.

I loaded the car with the poultry waste and the whole car was smelling and it was also calling the attention of flies and my dad complained about it. I sayed he should have complained in front of his wife no me...(it was in my mind oh)

on way home
We stopped along the road to eat.

We got home and I changed my clothes as I will wear them for school runs. I picked the bags (about 9bags) and emptied all of them in a close by Bush.

And I sweeped the compound. I received a call from my dad saying that I am needed in the school urgently, that I should go quickly.

I took my bath and dressed up for the school. I got to the school at exactly 11am. The gate man refused to open the gate because I was not putting on my face mask. I was trying to talk him to open the gate but he turned serious

So I went down trying to cross to the other side to get a face mask but the security man called, if it was me or the ground but seller I don't know but I went there and they asked a woman who was not putting on a face mask, if I could enter and she said no.

I calmly went to buy the face mask at N50 and they opened the gates. I went to the office where I will be attended to, but the woman was not on seat.

I waited for more than an hour before she came. Like every other parents who was waiting for her, on seeing her crowded her desk and I could not reach her.

I greeted her and she told me I just came and I missed the child am to measure. I told her I have been around since 11am and she asked if I saw her leaving the office. I said no, but told her my experience and she concurred.

meet the crowd of parents, some already went to the bank for payments

I took one little child measurement and collected some material. The school was saying the resumption is so sudden that nobody prepared for it.

I went to newbenin market to buy some material for my dad. I took the roll of clothes that was with me and kept it in a customers shop and bought the clothes for my dad.

I kept my phone In one pocket and programed my mind that if I feel any touch in that pocket, I will either get set to pursue or hit the suspect.

I was having series of calls but I answered none because I was not comfortable. I was trying to keep my phone safe as the market was very busy.

I bought the clothes and head home. I was very exhausted and needed a big rejuvenation. Here is the clothes I bought for my dad. I didn't want to snap it in the market for safety reasons.

the material and shade of colour

Both material cost N4300 = $11.43. I ate and fell on the bed to gather some strength. It was already after 3 in the afternoon and church service start by 4:30pm. So I need all the rest I can get.

I didn't rest much because of some little little distraction, then I went to the church by 4:17pm. I got to church exactly 4:30pm and made sure every thing was in place.

The service was centered on revival in the church. I believe the church of Christ needs revival, that too urgently.

The service closed few mins after 6 and I got home to 7.
This is my day and this is my life. Hope for more innovative idea from the steemit team

For more information about me see my this is me post

I belong to @team5-nigeria and see our introduction post HERE

Thanks for reading through.

@lovveday from benin city, nigeria

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