Men in Black


Now that Hive witnesses are money laundering the theft they committed, I think it is safe to say the point of no return has arrived.

The length to "Show us up" is going to be costly and skewed. The "I'm white, so I'm right" defense is going to fall very short in Biden's America.

As someone that pursued the feds once but very happy to be a renegade, I get goosebumps. Imagine thinking I'm shouting and hollering because I'm "upset" only to find out I was pleading against your pain, not mine. The Asians don't give a damn. They are probably amazed at how dumb Americans can be.

I never wanted to be a party to this. Not this... Finding out people are weasels, Finding out your definition of love wasn't theirs, and their willingness to abandon you comes quickly when big brother comes around. In fact, that is when many get the courage to attack you finally. The Hive Mind deteriorates just as fast as it was built.

This is very sad all around. NEVER, EVER have a co-defendant.

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