How I found out about Steemit - By @meher04

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Assalamu Alaikum and Hello to All,
I catch a Contest by @steemingcurators from @kiwiscanfly Entry Post.
Here is the LINK


It was March 2018 (seen on my profile) that time My husband @shrazi, joined me to this platform to share my digital drawing for #steemjet project by @dimimp and I then Hunt products/mobile apps for Steemhunt.

My first experience was good as @shrazi help me with everything and that time Minnowsupport also give upvotes by sharing link to discord.

I don't have much knowledge about blockchain till now And I didn't invite anyone.

Shrazi just told me to share only your own content and photos you owned and this is all I know about.

GOD gifted me a Boy and so I was busy with my kid and just try to Hunt post for Steemhunt and few months back I stopped my Hunting and leave Steemhunt, He is now 2 Years Old and I am now have some time to spend on the Platform HOPEFULLY.

My Son Shahzaib after few days of Birth


And now after 2 years


Have a Nice day.

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Hello Meher and thank you for your participation and sharing your story with us! What a cute little boy of you

Thank you for your post! You got upvoted by the @steemingcurators with massive help from @steemcurator02!
Want to participate in more challenges on Steemit? Check our latest posts for more info! Thanks for #steeming
@cryptokannon ~ @ciska


Thanks, Yes I am happy to get @kiwiscanfly on my restart so I think I found a right path.
I am thinking to manage my time and participate in other contest too.
But my main plan is to curate good content on the platform as I have won #spud4steem 1,June 2020 and will be delegated by Sponsors soon or later.