I am on My Way

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Assalamu Alaikum and Hello to all,
I have won #spud4steem 1st, june 2020 in first place and very happy to get these delegations.
@xpilar - 2500SP
@ciska - 500SP
@kiwi-crypto - 500SP
@kiwiscanfly - 30 STEEM


I am thinking to curate good content and it is totally new thing for me.
So I decided to go to my communities feed as I don't have much followers/following, and check what I love most and Vote for those blogs/posts.

  • Do I need to Vote after 5 minutes of post published? or anytime
  • Do I need to Vote with good content with low rewards? or it doesn't matter

It will much appreciated if anyone of you answered these two and suggest me good communities, so I will join those and search on those.

I am very excited on my new WAY.
Hoping for the BEST.
Thank You

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Good stuff - you did very well :)

I normally try to vote at the 5 minute mark

congrats my brother
Wish you happiness.