STEEMIT OPEN MIC - What Music Means to Me - by @meher04

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Assalamu Alaikum and Hello to all,
Again thanks for @steemingcurators for arranging the writting contest with different Topics.

What Music Means to Me?

It is spritual peace for me, I am lover of SUFI MUSIC (QAWWALIS).
Most of the life lessons I learned from QAWWALIS.
My Favorite Singers are

I have listend Ghaus Nasir (Late) and Shad Muhammad on live event as well. But I didn't talk to anyone, so didn't invite them to Steemit.

May be, most of you know about (Qawwali), Qawwals mostly used Harmonium, tabla etc musical instrument.

My one of the favorite song is "Ye jo halka halka Surror hai" by USTAD NUSRAT FATEH ALI KHAN (Late), whenever I listened it, I feel it.
You can also try it on google (Full Version) and you will definitely love it.

If I talk about a single instrument, Yes Flute is one of my favorite Musical Instrument in that case. But I didn't try it myself.
I also enjoyed single instrument live event once, where I really enjoyed flute, "ek-tara", "Banjo", they artist don't need words to explain, they speak with their instrument and they are playing like they are talking with us.
However, I don't listen other music like other film songs etc. I just packed with Qawwalis and Sufi instrumentals. It is just your choice :D.
I know my definition of music is totally different from others, but it is what it is for me...

Thank You.

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Thank you Meher to show your music to us! It is been great to see so many different styles of music! Thanks for sharing yours!

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