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Did you read my recent post which had a highlight of steemworld.org/@murathe?

@steemchiller sat down and did a brainstorm within self and decided to bless us accordingly with the best site for a clear analysis of any steem account. The tool is in such advanced levels such that I recently toured it and learnt there's a delegation section from which you can get to learn of all the Mazzini infor related with any account here on steem.

We learn on daily basis so please don't laugh at me, am still on track to fully utilizing the tool into being a more meaningful recruitvhere on steem specially after the much awaited guidelines of country representatives by @steemitblog.

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You got my witness vote

Have you experienced the goodness of Steemscan.com yet?

Thanks to this post (https://steemit.com/hive-148441/@adityajainxds/steemscan-com-review-fixed-easy-conversion-live-transaction) by an amazing steemiaan @adityajainxds who went a step further to bring into more light in a superbly explained and illustrated process of converting steem to a currency of your choice in an easy and smoothness way.

For this one huge reason and others which may include the aspirations to want to work with the two amazing developers ( @roadofrich and @futureshock)in their continuous maintenance of their site as I a developer too, they have my promised support for their witness roles.

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You got my witness vote

Ever seen so much buzz on the curation efforts?

Thanks to @steemingcurators and the minds behind it. BY their efforts we call all agree that so much has happened within ashort time and you are ven left to wonder if such has been achieved within past period, how about the long run effceets?

Let's pay credit where due, the curation efforts by the steemit team backed by the ever growing games and interactions build in here has brought many of us back to normality and activeness.

You got my witness vote

Each account has an opportunity to vote for 30 witnesses and this is just a start of my many moves towards those building for steem and it's future.

Many thanks to the amazing and most active Ugandan here, @yohan2on from whom I first saw the 'challenge' to highlight on who got your vote.

Till next time, it's been cool and now that am back from the no-network-zone, we continue building ourselves from where we left.

Cheers and would you be in a position to show some support, do so. Let's keep this conversation going.

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