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Two years being in Steem is an achievement. Though I haven't gotten billions of Steem yet. But the motivation here keep me to do more stuff even if there are still hiccups making surving difficult. This brief the Steem household of how I have been able to travel that milestone in order to also motivate everyone here in Steem to showcase the various creativity.

Anywhere I stand, I feel very proud to recognise my love ones here who through them I have been able to make up to this level. One experience I've learnt from Steem, and keep learning is having a good mentor to follow is a great gift than for someone to give you a whole room stock of money. You really know what I'm talking about! If someone give you that quantum of money, because of Fame, it'll be exhausted, but to have a mentor to coach you, direct your affairs and motivate you when your muscles relax on the journey you are pursuing. Indeed, Steem is a long journey with great success, of which we haven't reach 1/4 of it. Great achievements need great mentors and visionaries to bring transition, innovation and diversification in your life. Though there is always that flare, correlation and mutual collaboration of engagement in Steem that we can rely, but to be a newby is difficult to thrive to face the fact, and that is why most people quit at their first quarter of being in Steem.


Really, the most relevant things that keep us in Stern to continue blogging is the Engagement I know that great word has been used most often, since it's the main reason why we are still Steemians. With engagement, we are looking at 3 main parameters here: upvoting, commenting and following. In some cases we can add resteeming and feedback, but those are optional. How do we feel during our first few months in Steem when we didn't receive much upvotes and commenting in our blogs? This become a blow on our face, we really become bored, begin to think if things were gonna be well with us. That was exactly what happened to most of us here in Steem. The whales, Dolphins and Minnows have once passed this stage of less attention. So, I began to realise some of these experiences, and I have now aquinted with the terrane. But, for me to get much support was to have mentors and communities to share my daily contents. Who are you following, which community are you active with are very important. In as much as I began to follow Steemians and communities, they also intend to follow me. I wasn't much familiarize with blogging, one best friend and a coworker @bigssam showed me this great roadmap to block chain. Anywhere I stand and mention the name of Steem I mention his name. I appreciate his great support and all the coaching of blogging and all the engagement skills. One community which he introduced me to and I have been active in that community for 2 years in Steem is @HeartChurch International Ministry. For my 2 years of being in this community, I've met and learnt from so many mentors, @SirKnight the founder of @HeartChurch International, @darlenys01 the Apostle and CEO of the Church, @emiliocabrera, @uyobong, @nattybongo, @mcsamm, @odsam2 and many Steemians that I cannot mention all their names here.

I'm not expecting of getting much now, but my success story is being able to established myself this far. During the time most of my countryside people quip because of losing confidence in Steem thriving like the old time when the bull run made Steem hit their accounts, but today, it depends on how much effort you put, how much engagement you give to Steem and the love you daily share for other Steemians. But, even if I'm not receiving much as I'm expecting now, I've my personal mindset of being in Steem here, it might be different from what others think about Steem. Before I'm able to accomplish that mission, many of my friends who quit will now understand the reason I remained in Steem. I consider my Steem been my investment package, and that is the main reason why I want to power up the liquid Steem. I'm now unstoppable to power up to $2,000 Steem power this 1st June SPUD. This will be continuous project I will embark on as and when the need arises. I'm now a small Minnow, and want to become a Whale one day.

This is my journey in Steem, I want to leave normal life, and set myself and my families with freedom. If there is a chance for me to do so, whiles I've strength, why don't I go ahead to do so? The choice is in my hands to use my God given talents to create contents that would be loved by many funs here in Steem, then I shouldn't waste time. With the current updates of @Steemitblog and @steemingcurators if I strive hard, I know I can accomplish my mission here in Steem. I love everyone here, thanks to everybody and may our hustle be bear fruit!


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Of course we are very proud of you @oppongk, we hope that you continue towards your goals and longings with success.


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