Contest |The Most Outstanding Sri Lankan Steemian of the Week | All Sri Lankans are Welcome |12 SBD+(~60 STEEM) Prize Pool

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As the country representative of Sri Lanka, I am so excited to announce my very first contest in Steemit, "The Most Outstanding Sri Lankan Steemian of the Week". The aim of this contest is to improve the active engagement of Sri Lanka, on the Steemit platform and motivate them to stay active.

About Contest

The Most Outstanding Sri Lankan Steemian of the Week, challenge directly focuses on Sri Lankans who are doing a great job in Steemit. The winner will be selected through a point-based scoring system. Points are divided into two parts, Retention points, and Recruitment points which are compatible with the 3R road map. Retention points are allocated for comments and posts. Recruitment points will be given when a new member introduced through New Comer's community. For recruitment points, the newly introduced person should have at least 10 retention points at the end of the week. The scoreboard will update on each Monday and Thursday. The weekly winner will be selected each Friday. The contest will run for 6 weeks from 07 th August 2020

General Rules

  1. You must be a citizen in Sri Lanka to enter this competition.
  2. Must put a comment on this post to verify your participation.
  3. If you are a member who was inactive for the last two months, you should prepare a Self-Introduction post to get eligible*
  4. The final score will be the total of retention points and recruitment points.
  5. The one who has the highest number of points by Thursday 12.00 midnight will be selected as the winner.

* this action is taken to avoid multiple accounts from same member

Points Strategy

Retention Points

The main objective of this contest is to increase the retention of Sri Lankans on steemit. Points for retention will be allocated as follows.

  1. Comments* for Sri Lankan members - 1 point
  2. Comments* for members outside of the country - 2 points
  3. Posts according to quality - 1 to 2 points

* Only the meaningful and content relevant comments will be counted

Recruitment Points

The number of new members you bring into the platform is evaluated under these criteria. Recruitment points will be allocated as follows.

  1. One new recruitment - 3 points

The new member should be verified through new comer's community. To count your recruitment as eligible recruitment, the new member's retention points should be at least 10.

The Prize

Currently, I have allocated 12 SBD (~60 STEEM) by my self, as the initial prize pool for the contest. The winner will receive 2 SBD each week as the prize. When the contest gets more competitive, the prize will be increased.

What's Next

As this is my first contest, I believe this contest will teach me many lessons. Based on the progress of this contest, I am planning to get the help of other country representatives to expand this contest in other counties in South Asia as well. As this contest runs for 6 weeks, extra prizes can be added for recruitment later. I am thankful for having additional support to make this contest a success.

C.C. @steemitblog @steemcurator01

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thank you for introducing me this valuable concept @randulakoralage . i would like to join this steemit contest and i am inviting ya'll to join this excellent work! Cheers


@rusmend96 Welcome to steemit.

i would like to join this steemit contest

I know you are very free these days🤭 So I'm expecting more contribution from you🤭. Thank you for joining.

Wow, It's really exciting to have this contest. Thank you for organizing @randulakoralage. I'll participate in the challenge and inviting all #srilanka Steemians to take part.


Nice yohan. I know you are very busy with your function at home. The contest runs for 6 weeks. 😋 You can win any time

I would like to join.. Thanks


It's nice @theuniquegrapix thank you! Stay Active❤️

I'm so happy and thankful to you for introducing such kind of contest for Sri Lankan Steemians. 😍 And I think it will be a great opportunity for us to keep active here and do a great job. I would like to participate for this challenge and I invite other Sri Lankan Steemians to join this contest.


Thank you so much @anusha96 You were very active for last 3 weeks. I wish good luck to you to win this game!. Thank you for sharing

It is nice to have such a contest for sri lankans on steemit. I am very much interested to participate for this contest.


@dinoli Cool! Thank you for accepting the challenge🤗

Such a great way to increase engagement with inside & outside steemians. Also this would be another good way to bring more Sri Lankans to steem platform and keep active here. I hope everyone will join this contest who're interesting. Good luck.


Everyone includes you right ayya?😋😋 I'm counting you.. I highly expect your support as you have been so long here and know things than me.👏👏👏


May be. Most of my supporters move to the Hive blockchain and I mostly active there. But I hope to support our citizens in here with balancing my works.

Good start ! I'm in


I appreciate your help❤️

Great day, this is something good, i want to join, but i am not from srilanka, i am from indonesia ,, smile


Hee hee.. Don't worry. Stay active. You'll recieve things more valuable♥️


I will focus on #promo-steem, I will spend a lot of time on this, I want steem to shine again,,, smile

wow, a very interesting contest to follow and very challenging, fun of course, successful for your team and you of course

Wow 🤩 you are doing great job here. I’m very much excited to participate with this. Thank you @randulakoralage for your commitment 👏 and for organizing this contest ❤️ Hope we can have a good competition 😍


Hope we can have a good competition

of course. You girls MUST make a good competition. Girls are clever🥳

Excellent idea.

Thank you for organizing this.

The Steemit Team



Really, Nice and valuable concept @randulakoralage 😍. It is great opportunity to srilankan steemians. I would like to participate in this challenge. Now inviting all the srilankan steemians to join this valuable opportunity .as well as thank you @randulakoralage for organizing that concept.

Wow. I am really like to participate in this contest😍👌🏻

This contest is wow... Something different... I like it. Thank you...💪😊

Hi! I like to partcipate too!


Nice! We will count from week 05! Keep commenting❤️


Thank you! ❤

I would like to join.


good! I'll start counting😋

I would like to join in this contest. 😃


nice😍 Let's see how long will be the leaderboard

This is a nice work to keep us actively engaged with the community.. I'll participate to this contest and hooe we will have great competition this time tooo...