If I could start again, I would be a Researcher by @sapwood

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This is my entry into @steemingcurators contest. The details of the contest can be found here.

People generally have ambition and they want to achieve that with sheer dedication and determination. Well, that is really a good thing not just for the person himself but the society as a whole. Some people are only keen about the destination, not caring about the journey, some are focused on both and they evolve as a better counterpart.

But for me, if you ask, then my answer would always be the journey, in which there is no destination. So if I could start again, I would like to choose something where life is only about the journey without any destination. From my own experience, I have observed that, when you are in the journey, the destination that you architect with your spec from a mile is always beautiful, in reality, it may or may not be and that all depends on what you input in your journey to get the output in your destination.

I strongly feel that it is the journey that matures you, that develops your personality. The destination ends that journey and assigns you a different role for the next segment of your life.

Then what kind of professional it would be if it could start again?

Well, I always aspire to be a researcher, and this ambition always deepen down my subconscious mind whenever I sit down and think about what is my aim of life. This aspiration I developed in my early college days. But by that time I was already in a different domain where my parent have already invested money for my education and I have also put a lot of time in that stream.

So the way forward for me at this moment is to prepare for the competitive and join a job and look after my family who has already invested a lot in me.

But still, deep down my heart, the obsession to research more and more in all domains of this world, particularly history, geopolitics, space science, philosophy, etc are my area of interest as a researcher. I know at this moment I can not turn the direction. But in the future, I will try to be financially self-sufficient first as that is a major hurdle for every middle-class family to aim for something different.

I have always been inspired by one of the person whom I know and I keep on reading his articles. Once I was searching in the library during my college days for better know-how of a particular topic of my subject. I scanned the entire library, but none of the materials could clarify what I wanted. Then I told to my friend, my friend told me that he knows a person but he is not a teacher but he keep on studying & researching the entire day and his age was 40 at that time.

The next day I met that person after taking a reference from my friend, to my surprise I got the clarification of the subject in the simplest possible way which the scores of the mainstream textbook could not. From that day, I regularly keep on visiting that talented research fellow who does not have a formal research label from any institution but I can bet he is par excellent than any reputed research fellow.

I asked what motivated you to do this research which is not going to be recognized by society. He smiled, and replies...does that matter?? If you are obsessed for something(research), then it does not matter whether you get an admission in a reputed institution to pursue your research or what the society talks about you as you are 40 still studying the whole day! H added.

I may not get a chance to be a research fellow in my lean age in a reputed organization, but I will try my best to get the resources and I will do it on my own. I may even quit my job if I will be financially free, and spend my whole life researching things that I have mentioned, where there are no endpoints, where the domain is like an ocean. I love this kind of thing than any repetitive task. Most of the people love doing the same thing again and again but I am exactly the opposite. I know there won't be any recognition in society for such a thing to do. But who cares where your soul is obsessed to be a researcher, whether formal or informal does not even matter. At the end of the day, it's the satisfaction, contentment that matters.

Thank you so much.

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interesting goal I said you had, if I'm financially free someday, I would love to immerse myself with the books in the library too, studying all branches of Hermetic Studies.


Thank you for stopping by.

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