📢Contest announcement : Share your feedback and win upvote worth $50 plus 100 steem liquid

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Share your feedback and win upvote worth $50 plus 100 steem liquid~


Hello, people of Steemit!

Communication is one of the important things in every community because it allows people to share their idea, suggestions, and express their critical thinking openly and in a constructive way. Such an approach to problem-solving has always a positive effect since brainstorming usually allows the community as a whole to look at an idea from all possible angles.

We are more than happy this time to participate in this process by creating a contest to get our amazing community to share their ideas of improvement and suggestions.

Entering the contest is pretty straightforward, all you need to do is answer the following questions in as much detail as possible:

  1. As a member of the Steem community, What improvement would you like to see on the social platform Steemit.com?

  2. Which other features, tools, improvements, and functionalities do you believe will benefit the user experience and improve the usability of the Steemit.com social platform?

  3. If you are the owner or manager of a Steem community, tell us more about what you believe will improve the "Communities" update and its management system.

Contestants are also free to add ideas and suggestions that deal with other aspects that might have not been included in the questions above.

Contests' rules & guidelines;

  1. Title your entry post with the format:
    Steem Feedback Contest Entry Post; your steemit account name

  2. Please include the tag of #steemfeedback01 as one of your tags and a tag for the country from where you steeming.

  3. Please submit your entry post at steemingcurators community

  4. Please resteem this post and mention at least 3 of your steemit friends in your entry post to participate in this contest.

  5. Share this contest post and your entry post on your social media account.

  6. Contestants can use any language for submission but please include the English translation in your post too.

The deadline for your entry post submission is on UTC Timezone Sunday, March 14th

We would be pleased if the Steem community could share their ideas and participate in the contest.

Prize 🏆

The best detailed and reasonable entries will have a chance to receive an upvote worth
50$ for the first place plus 100 steem liquid,
40$ for the second place plus 80 steem liquid,
30$ for the 3rd place plus 60 steem liquid,
50 Steem for the 4th place,
30 Steem for the 5th place,
22 selected valid and valuable entries will receive 10 steem as consolation prizes.
This contest has received 543 liquid Steem sponsorship from @symbionts team witness and an upvote prize from @booming curation accounts.

Your feedback is highly valuable for the improvement of Steem and the Steem community as a whole.

This contest is a joint effort of Steemingcurators community team building team and Symbionts Witness Team.

Thank you.

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Hi Team, this is my post with my suggestions:


And also I share the contest post and my entry post on my social media account.


Greetings @steemcurators , here is my entry post and screenshots of the posts shared on tweeter



Link to my entry post

Please is the contest still open?

I'm in, i would love to share my experience with #steemit and its awesome @nourin @steemit-fairy @ripon0630


Thanks, look forward to your suggestions!


my pleasure , wish to suggest my best :)

Awesome, I hope to see some cool suggestions, here is my suggestion


Thank you! We hope the same but its looking very very promising!


Thank you! We hope the
Same but its looking very
Very promising!

                 - steemingcurators

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Thanks for this contest i ll take part too.
This is my post .
Have a great day

This is a really nice contest contest!


Happy you like it

Interesting topic and you will get many new suggestions from others


Thanks we hope the same


Thanks for participating!!

hi! I created a russian translation for this post,
If you'd like you may add the link to your post. Best wishes!

Good evening, friends. Here is my participation.

Link to post.

Screenshot where you can see my post shared on Facebook.

Link the Facebook.

Thank you for this contest. It is interesting, my ideas in favor of Steemit will help you a lot, I hope you like them.

Greetings and a big hug.


Thanks a lot for your detailed feedback! Stay tuned


Thanks to you for this contest that you bring to us. Okay, I'm here.

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Amazing, thank you so much

This is an amazing way to get the best feedbacks about the steemit blockchain. Perfect way to get the best results. I have talked about it earlier too :p I will do it again :))
Amazing contest and selfless giveaway💞
Steem On!


We cant wait to see your feedback!

Hallo @steemingcurators
a good competition that makes the users take part in the Steem


Its a team effort! Look forward to your entry

Kindly consider my entry
[Steem Feedback Contest Entry Post;

Proof of share on twitter can be seen


This is My Entry Post For This Contest:- https://steemit.com/hive-139293/@mahirabdullah/steem-feedback-contest-entry-post-or-or-mahirabdullah-or-or-what-improvements-would-i-like-to-see-on-this-platform

I hope these suggestions & ideas will help to make improvements that will benefit the user experience and improve the usability of the Steemit.com social platform



Thanks @steemingcurators to create this amazing contest.

@steemingcurators, thanks for your contest. My entry here:
resteem and my link on Twitter:

and my invite to @mister-omortson, @filinpaul, @antorv


прочитал все Ваши предложения. я и малую часть не смог бы сформулировать )) к сожалению, пока я вряд ли смогу предложить что-то более полезного. спасибо за предложение.


Спасибо за искренний ответ. Я упомянула вас, как куратора сообщества, думала, что у вас есть что добавить.

Kind regards, I leave my entry: https://steemit.com/hive-139293/@slwzl/steem-feedback-contest-by-slwzl

Thank you for the opportunity.

I would like to share my experience and ideas 😊

Resteemd to my nearly 7k followers.


Thats awesome! Also show us your input!

Hello @steemingcurators hope all is well ,after years of work at our own cost i think its the right time to introduce Steemplayer.com we are very much interested in making new friends in our community be well @darsico

Feliz y complacido por esta oportunidad. Gracias . Esta es mi entrada. https://steemit.com/hive-139293/@aguilamayor/steem-feedback-contest-entry-post-aguilamayor.


Compartiendo en Whatsapp

Saludos amigos. Os dejo mi participación en este enlace

Captura de pantalla 2021-03-04 a las 12.27.55.png

Mucha suerte a todos y espero que entre todos saquemos ideas buenas para hacer una comunidad única.

Hello dear @steemingcurators. This is my application for participation in the competition. Thanks


Hey! Thank you for allowing us to share our opinion with you. Greetings!

My entry:

Hi everyone!

my entry
contest post in Twitter
My post in Twitter

  ·  2년 전

Hi. I am attaching link to my post as an entry to the contest.

Post shared on my Twitter account

Thank you for the opportunity! Indeed this will help us a lot because this will serve as an open communication mechanism that will further solidify steemit as a community of open minded people giving equal share of relevance! Again huge thanks!


Please also take the opportunity. Your voice and opinions are important


Definitely yes! HUGE thanks!

Really interesting contest, My entry 👇👇👇👇

And proof of my share 👇

this is my entry, we talk about what a developers needs, and what a user needs, hope we can give you good ideas to improve up the Steemit. Twitter: https://twitter.com/Alejos7ven/status/1368229180501078020


Thank you @steemingcurators to allow hear our suggestions,
@symbionts to do it possible,
and @booming for all the support

Shared to twitter.



Now sharing here my participation for the contest.

Here is the Link to the post

It is really an important and wonderful contest on the steemit . It will greatly help to improve steemit with the opinions of all the steemians. I am also very excited to give my opinions and to participate in making steemit more good. No doubt it is already good but i think the opinion of the steemians will again help to improve it and to make it user friendly.


Please share how you would improve the user friendliness


I will definitely share.

Thank you for this opportunity @steemingcurators!

My entry for the contest.

Posted on my tumblr account:


Here are my opinions

Good luck everyone, it is a very huge initiative.. Keep it up and let us support.


Think about what you like to improve and show us your feedback, you can do it!

Greetings @steemingsurators. This is my entry link for the contest. Huge Thanks and more power!


Hello, this is my link to participate in the contest: https://steemit.com/hive-139293/@tanhunter254/steem-feedback-contest-entry-post-tanhunter254 .Greetings and good wishes to all.


Compartido en Twitter: tweet-link


Nice contest,I'm in

Wow!! This is a nice contest..i will fully participate" for long i have been longing to share some the ways steemit.com will be user friendly, thank you for this.


Cant wait to read your feedback

Hi @steemingcurators!

Here's my entry:
I shared it on my twitter:

Edited to Add : I mistakenly tampered with my entry link. I have corrected it. Please consider my entry.

Hi i have tried to give my suggestions and i hope these will be helpful.
Invitations For:

Official Contest Post Is Shared On Twitter


Here is My Entry Post

@steemingcurators, this is my contest entry link.


Here is a screenshot of my post entry tweet...


And here is my tweet for the contest announcement.

Below is the screenshot.



It is a good thing for all Steemit users that they can give their feedback as well as ideas in this contest. Here is my contest entry!

This post is shared on

Me parece una maravillosa iniciativa este aporte de ideas para mejorar y avanzar, gracias por la oportunidad :)


De nada :) Gracias

Here is my entry https://steemit.com/hive-139293/@abdollar/steem-feedback-contest-entry-post-abdollar , i hope am not too late ..i also shared this post on my Facebook page here is the link https://lm.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fsteemit.com%2Fhive-139293%2F%40abdollar%2Fsteem-feedback-contest-entry-post-abdollar%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR1XgEFltsUaffUNgRFW14x-Rp7DjTwAZhoBvnNc6m4yG5VUafMi5TbUpOY&h=AT1bAv-37CCgRdffQawq9-ynmurx4992f1Aj7PKUvaJ7tJJxlxGIi4sHzeWb7ymS2GM6SOo3696zzmtON4FDFGqnrkL63GFoIE1kyQcjRSMbAi35Ot5CgVPsxo0l-cCdsJkI9viLLIG1x-1g7DbUzQ

The contest is about what all steemians need, everyone want to share some very interesting ideas and new initiatives for the betterment of the steemit platform and this through this contest everyone will get a chance to share their views and ideas..


We feel the same, so please share your feedback too!


For sure i will share my feedback soon

Here is my contest entry post

Here is my entry , its a video,i implore your authority to please accept my entry...https://steemit.com/hive-139293/@the-fundraiser/steem-feedback-contest-entry-post-the-fundraiser

I already shared the post on YouTube....

Just wanted to know as the end date is not mentioned, is this Contest still active?

Saludos aquí Mi participación
Publicado en Twitter

Please i would like to know if my entry was accepted...

Buenas Noches, que interesante concurso aun hay tiempo de participar?

Hello there. There is something strange in my account. I can't share the post., Post gets deleted after sharing, please help.

nice work appreciative

  ·  작년

Thank you @steemingcurator for the guidance. The content is well noted