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Every day we go and hunt for the best content on Steemit and we will be highlighting them in this report. We support the weekly contest MUSICFORSTEEM, which adds more diversity and fun to the platform. We highlight some of the participations of the competition in this post!. If you think there is content that should be appreciated and is not emphasized in our report, please feel free to let us know in the comment box of this post. Here are some wonderful entries for our contest. What are you waiting? Come and join the fun.

Todos los días vamos y buscamos el mejor contenido en Steemit, los destacaremos en este informe, organizamos el evento semanal MUSICFORSTEEM, para agregar más diversidad y diversión a la plataforma, también destacaremos algunos de los participaciones de nuestra competencia. Si usted cree que hay contenido que debe ser apreciado y no se encuentra agregado en nuestro informe, siéntase libre de dejarnoslo saber en la caja de comentarios de esta publicación. A continuación algunas maravillosas entradas para nuestro concurso. ¿Qué estás esperando? Ven y únete a la diversión.

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@dianakyvMUSIC FOR STEEM Week #5 / Will Always Love you cover

My dear friends of steemit I am extremely happy.

see more...

@esouthern3MUSIC FOR STEEM WEEK 5 - “When She Loved Me”

This week’s song selection was my choice.

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@eugelysMusic for Steem Week 5 - Querida Rosa - Cover

This is my first participation in this Music for Steem contest.

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@stef1My ArtVenture: Pastel Painting „Tilda“


As you might noticed it is a long time since my last Artwork...

@davidke20Rainny noon thediarygame 200708


I have never written a diary before when I was young(or small)...

@elianaelismaBoh jambe kleng [Treasure Hunt 2 Entry]


My dear friends, this fruit in Acehnese is called boh jambe kleng...



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@art-venturetraditional Art contest "sci-fi"
@whereinIlovesteem campaign
@axemanBlack and White Photography and Art Contest
@SteemitblogThe Diary Game
@cmp2020Friday discussion Post


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There are a lot of beautiful musicians, pianists and guitarist here. Keep doing what you're doing. I love the spirit.



We are not going anywhere for the next 1000 days or so

i just wanted to say thank you for your donation to our charity. It is very kind of you and is extremely appreciated. I hope it is ok that i posted this here :) Have a great day and know that you put some much needed food in a hungry stray dog or cat's belly today!


You are welcome! Happy to do that!

I want to join the group, can you accept me too?


Everyone is welcome. You can join discord or post in the community