Steem Communities are one of the most important thing of steem which can lead the mass adoption initiative to next level

There are so many people on steem who doesn’t understand steem communities so in this post I will explain why it is important and how to deal with it.

what is steem communities???


Steem communities is one of the most powerful tool available in the blockchain, it gives you power to create an online decentralised community based on steem blockchain, where you can create community of you own choice and people can join it, there is no restriction upon on which topic your community should be, steem communities gives you power to connect with same interests from other users, there is no restriction on how many people can join it, it can be in millions, billions or it can be grows till ♾.

Why Steem Communities are important??

As I told you Steem Communities are most powerful thing we have on steem, which is really important for steem,

It can give an real acceleration to mass adoption of steem, communities are such an powerful tool which can attract so many people to steem, as it can be created on different interests, it can be also about any country which can attract that country specific content, different interests based communities can bring so many new users on steem.

You are free to create your choice based community on steem blockchain, if you think creating an community about dogs in steem can attract lots of dog lovers on steem then you can create it with few simple steps.

How to create steem communities???

It’s really an simple process to create an Steem Communities, which I am going to demonstrate step by step follow these steps to create an community,

First thing you should have 3 steem in you wallet which is used to create an community.

I created an community which is based on Indian steemians, so let’s start the tutorial,

Open you Steemit wallet first,


Click on “Communities” option,


You will see a tab asking for community name and about the community,


Fill it & click on “next”,


Copy the password and user name and note it down, this password is only for demo don’t use it, because it doesn’t exist. Click on agree and then click on “create community”


As I told you it will cost 3 steem, if you confirm this then click on “OK”,


Put the password to confirm the payment and proceed,


As soon as the payment will be confirmed your community will be created and you will be set as default admin of the group which can be changed later,


Now your community is ready to go, click on get started to go on your community,


Sometimes your chosen name doesn’t display which can be changed from settings options.

Click on settings to edit the details,


Set the description and rule of the community,


After that choose NSFW ( not safe for work , which is for sensitive contents ) options and save it. Your community isn’t now ready to go.

You can also set different roles in the community if you want to do so.

Now promote your communities on different social media platforms to attract community specific people in steem.

Hope you understand all, if you still have some doubts then ask me in comments section.

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HEY @steemcurator01 & @steemitblog

This is an attempt to create an tutorial about how to create an Steem Communities and why it’s important

I have an urge to create a community, the only problem is I don't really know where to get the delegations to drive people into posting in community


You can apply to an community curator under program by @steemitblog for next month follow @steemitblog for any update regarding this


Thanks..i am currently following them I am keep an open mind to this. Thank you for the information

Good information, it is very useful for all of us. Thanks for sharing hear my friend.


Thanks dear


My pleasure my friend

Thank you for this - very useful.


Thanks, I will keep creating these kind of work for steem.