Mass Onboarding Incoming - STEEM ON FIRE

2년 전

The herd always follows the money. With this philosophy in mind, I think Steemit is in for some massive onboarding and return of some old faces.

Yeah yeah, decentralization my ass. Nothing decentralized about ANY Dpos blockchain and that's how the cookie crumbles. Who cares, for real.

I am pro-business and pro money. Pro innovation and pro leadership. I Steem, because I believe in the power of the blockchain and its endless possibilities. With the right backing, there just isn't anything alike.

For the past months, STEEM has been pretty much been stable in price. A little pump here and there but that is crypto. Nothing special, nothing new.

As the crypto market is heating up, I hope you took the opportunity to stack some extra. I am not a financial advisor, but my bells are ringing, all at once. Also STEEM is cooking kerosine for its inevitable blast. Moon and lambos here we come.

Here is a graph that compares the price of STEEM with a more recent similar coin.

See you soon, paying premium for STEEM! :D

download (2).png

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