Fairy Tale feat. Cubic Honey -- Part 20


The next Game that Cubic Honey by wayward way came by was being administered by a short waifish fellow wearing an emerald green felt hat with an elfin point to it.


The little fellow said, "Enter the Saga of Runic Intricacy, an adventure game veiled in mystery that will have you puzzled over the puzzling puzzles that herein reside. Betwixt the un-solving solvents shall you alchemically construe and that tides of battle that betide to the shield you in wielding the short sword unsheathed for the parry the thrust, yes,..between these ye shall find a mesmerizing journey of high adventure, and perchance a chance to capture the lovely gaze of a most maiden fair."

"Is this a really long game to succeed in," Cubic inquired.

"It is of great length, yes," the little fellow said.

"I'll pass," Cubic said succinctly. "I thank you for your kind offer, sir."

"It is no problem whatsoever, kind sir," the little fellow said in all sincerity. "I bid ye fair adieu."

Nevertheless, and despite his gradually growing hunger, Cubic took on the next game he was offered. It was something one might name Pride that led him to do this, but for him it was a mere feeling, a certain recalcitrance toward turning his back on a challenge.

The Game was called Alien Defense Fighters. The burly man with the griseled features who was administering the game offered him one Self-Realization Token (redeemable at the Hall of Legends) and his choice of 1. bullet- and shrapnel-resistant polycarbonate armor; 2. a cloak of invisibility; 3. fleet-footedness (the ability of extra speed and agility); or 4. X-ray vision.

The man tersely told Cubic that the game is 10 Levels, with a 15-minute prep period between each level. Upon defeating the Boss Wave in Level 10, all of the 5 members of Cubic's Squad will recieve a cloth Banner stitched with the Squad's icon on it.

"I'm in," Cubic said, without pause.

+10 MYTH

If you would like to read Cubic Honey's Fairy Tale from the beginning, here is the link to the First Installment:


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