Hello kiddies, hope we are all doing great today. I want to use this wonderful opportunity to introduce another dimension to our steemkids community. Our steemkids needs to move along with what is happening around us. The earlier they acclimatize with events, upgrades, technological developments, the easier it is to integrate very well in the system.

Because of that, we are introducing STEEMKIDS CRYPTO ACADEMY. Why is this necessary? Steemkids as a community is interested in the development of young ones. This also includes impacting technological educational knowledge to them.

However, since the world we are living in is having a blockchain and crypto currency revolution, it would also be nice that our verified steemkids users can start learning about these from the scratch and become used to them and their terms. Making it easier for them to understand blockchain better as they grow. Additionally, since our lovely steemit platform is about blockchain and cryptocurrency too, it will be very beneficial if they start learning about it from an early age.

Our verified steemkids will stand the chance of acquiring basic knowledge about blockchain and cryptocurrency and earn some prizes for participating in the assignments that will given at the end of each class.


For a start, we will be running courses once a week for 4 weeks. The material would be explained in the best simple way and the assignments will also be handled by the kids. While parents can assist their wards, it would be best if your child understands a particular topic for his own benefit.

This week topic is about BLOCKCHAIN technology


As a steemkid, our being in this platform has made us to hear or see the word blockchain. Most steemkids have heard their parents or guardian talking about blockchain even before you were registered in steemit. Today we will be explaining blockchain in very simple terms like ABC.

There are two words that make up blockchain. They are

Block and chain

So let us explain these two words to help us understand the word blockchain better.


Let us think of a block as a box made of carton. When a carton is brought, it is empty. You can fill it with toys until it becomes filled up where it cannot contain any other thing. You now close it and open up another empty box and start filling it with toys again. So just think of the block as a box filled with toys.


We have now filled so many boxes with toys, we want them to be together, so we decided to use a rope to link all the boxes together according to how they were filled up. The rope that links them up is the chain.

Thus when the box(block) is chained together as they are filled, it then becomes a blockchain.

We need to note that the chaining of the blocks is based on an order. That is to say that block gets filled first and forms the beginning of the chain, then block two is opened. Once it is filled with toys, it is then closed up and chained to the first one, that is how it continues.

The toys in this case represents nformation or data. When a message is sent in a blockchain, the message or data enters a block(box) already opened and waiting to be filled up. When the block is filled up depending on the size of the block(box), it now closed up(verified) and is now added to the chain of blocks. Another block(box) is now opened, where new data or message is stored until it is filled and added to the chains of blocks(boxes) too.

So blockchain can be defined as a chain of blocks containing stored data or information(message). Using blockchain technology have made it possible for the stored information in the blocks to be shared within many computer users at the same time.
The informations stored will include messages sent to another person, money sent to another person using cryptocurrency, it may be tracking ones items shipped to him and many other things.


What are the components of blockchain?

● Block - there is a block(box) which is provided by the system or network

● Data(toys) - these are the information that are stored or kept in the block

● Hash(Rope) - Every block(box) after being verified(closed up) have a unique hash with which is used to identify it. It also have the hash of the previous block. A block have two hashes.

  1. New hash(rope) - this is a unique hash generated for the new block.

  2. Previous block hash - the hash(rope) of the previously closed(verified) block(box).


To illustrate this, the first block is box A. This block is filled up, verified and have a unique hash(red rope), being the first block, it does not have a previous hash(rope). Now another block(box) is filled, verified and have its unique hash(blue rope) generated. But to link the new block to the old one, the Hash (red rope) from the block(box A) will be tied to the the new block(box B), proving it correctness and thus forming a chain with the second block.

So the the new block(Box B) just verified, it will have two hashes

(1) the previous block hash(red rope) from the first block(box A) which is the chain linking it to first block(box A) and

(2) the newly generated unique hash(blue rope) which will be used to link the next block that will be formed.

So through this means, the old block and the new one is linked to each other thus forming a blockchain.


I have thoroughly explained blockchain and broken it down such that it can be easily understood. Understanding it is very important for our next lecture.


  1. What Is blockchain technology

  2. What makes up a blockchain?

Homework Rules

  1. Must be a verified steemkid

  2. Assignment should done using your steemkids verified account

  3. Ensure there is no plagiarism.

  4. The post must be in steemkids community.

  5. Kindly tag me in your post

  6. vote, resteem and drop your link as a comment for the post.

  7. use the following tags as the first five tags:
    #steemkidscryptoacademy #steemexclusive #yourcountry #steemkids (eg : nigeria)

  8. The number of words should not be less than 200 words.

Reward Pool

15 Liquid steem to be shared among the participants.

Looking forward to a great time with you all in steemkids crypto academy.

Special mention


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