Tell us what Family mean to you

Family is a group of people living together under one umbrella called a house. A Family originates when a man and a woman join together as husband and wife, the result of these two individuals living together is always procreation. When children are born, the family starts to grow bigger and bigger. All of us belong to a family. We have immediate, other, extended and distant family too. The immediate family is when you separate from your father and mother with your blood related seniors and juniors and get married, from there you form your own immediate family. The other family are your blood related same parents brother’s and sisters while the distant family members can be categorized as other relatives not from the same parent with you. Extended families includes Grandparents who are routinely cared for by their children and close ties that makes sure these Senior Citizens are well taken care of. The word definition to ‘Family’ is wide.

However other families have become increasingly common in recent years – the single-parent family, the step-family, and the family whose parents are not living together for one reason or another.

Personally my immediate family members now includes my husband and children. I still have Other family members and distant family members too.

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My immediate family

Can 2 families be the same?

2 families can never be the same. The reason is because the people involved to start a family are raised and brought up by different parents and each has its own ideas, traits and characters. These most times never match. Today many families are under stress, due to difficulties arising in the day-to-day activities involved to run the family. In some families teenage rebellion, child-abuse, spousal violence, alcoholism and many more devastating issues has made it impossible for such families to be happy. With these in mind, no 2 families can be the same.

Is your family the ideal type you will like to always belong to or are you just managing it?

I really love my family because we are unitedly serving the Almighty Jehovah. Although Bible prophesy is already getting fulfilled according to 2 Timothy 3:1:

But know this, that in the last days’ critical times hard to deal with will be here.

We too are having a share of the difficult days that is hitting many families globally, but we are coping with it knowing fully well that our Creator did not leave us all alone.

How can you improve your family?

One of the binding force in a family is love, followed by unity and forgiveness. I strive as much as I can to instill those qualities in my family. We are happily receiving counsel from the originator of the family union that is God. I do not want to rely on self-help books, magazines or counsellors for advice. Daily I seek to do things together with my family at least daily we must eat together to keep bonding the union, sharing affection and discussing to know how the going is among each member. That has been the norm I learned from my own parents. It is working for me.

With my Senior Sister in a party

What advice can you give to other families that is working for you?

I want to encourage anyone out there to follow the guidance of the originator of the family union God. He knows the makeup of humans everywhere. He will lead you in the way that will benefit you, give you the advice that will work perfectly well for you to manage your family successfully. Although we are all living in a world that is filled with economical issues, violence, immorality and everyone is facing different types of stress, you can still succeed in building a united family. God’s counsel has helped me to be forgiving and caring no matter how difficult the going may be. I wish everyone to enjoy happiness in their family by following all the instructions from God.

Anything else you will like us to know about family. We want to exhaust all.

Members of @steemkidss community and all Steemians across the globe these are tips to build a good rapport in the family for a guaranteed happiness:

  • Husband and wife should always reaffirm their love to each other as they age
  • Adapt to your children’s needs and independence
  • Always pay the marriage dues to each other to build a stronger marital relationship
  • Be realistic and always discuss your differences, especially when problems arise
  • Everyone should help one another in the family
  • Always be there for your family as a pillar
  • There should never be communication gap
  • Give gifts periodically to members of your family

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Husband and wife should always reaffirm their love to each other as they age

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