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Hello Steemians @Steemkids. Good to be here in this community. I am going to write on How To Educate Your Child, an interesting topic that I know kids lovers will want to read through and add more to their tools in educating their children. Join me as I present to you the details. Please note that my use of one gender does not limit this principles to a boy child but also apply to girl child.


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Child's education is primarily vested in the hands of parents. The following principles can be so effective in carrying out this God-given role.

Communication is like a bridge that connects a child to his parents. So this take place when your both exchange your thoughts and feelings. As a child's educator, you need to make it easy for your child to discuss with you, by being quick to listen to him, and creating enabling environment in order for him for feel free to say what is in his mind..

Do not be judgemental, as this will cause him to lock his feelings and thoughts. Rather be patient and always affirm your love for him.

What you can do as a parent is to give yourself to your child at any time to talk. Communicate with your child always not just when he has problems. Some parents choose to talk with their child even at midnight, at meal time or while driving. This is because some children do not like talking face-to-face on formal settings but will prefer other forms of setting.

Above all, seek to please your child by avoiding distractions when communicating with him. You can turn off TV and put down all devices and concentrate on what he is saying. This will cause him to feel that his concern is important to you, even in minor matters. Also, avoid interrupting him or overreacting as they speak and put yourself in his age.


Child's education involves discipline as it serves as a guide and helps to keep him on course for life. Aside from correcting a child when he misbehave, discipline also include disclosing moral instructions that will assist him to learn how to make good or right decisions in life.

Although in some households today, discipline are no longer part of their educational course. Some of these parents feel that discipline will belittles their child's self-esteem. Yet, wise parents give attainable rules and regulations and coach them to stick to them.

Remember too, that both parents can unanimously do this by being consistent. That is, if the child finds it hard to stick to these rules, apply consequences to the rules. But commend or praise the child when he adhere to them. According to one parent named Christine, he says,:

"I frequently commend my children for their being obedient in a world where obedience is so rare. Commendation makes it easier for them to accept correction when it is needed."

While educating your child, you need to be reasonable. Consider the age and ability of the child along with the degree of your discipline. The consequences must be in line with the wrong committed by the child. For instance, if a child misuse a phone, the corresponding result will be that he will not use a phone for some period of time. By so doing, parent can avoid making mountain out of mould.

Moreover, discipline is much better and easier for your child to accept and implement, when it is done with love. Affirm your love for him on the other good choices he has made and let him sense that you are there to help him make good decisions.


Another tool in educating your child is to instill good values in him. Good values are like a dependable compass, that will guide your child to ascertain which way to go. They are like personal standards through which a child will choose to live.

As a parent, no doubt you want to be honest in all things, so educate your child to highly hold this ethics so dear. What about being industrious, fair, kind and considerate of others? You want your child to grow up with these values.

Teach your child simple courtesies like saying "Please", 'Thank You", showing concern for others. State your moral values clearly like how to say no to premarital sex. Give him chores at home that will help him learn the value of serving others as he grows older. For instance, assign him to wash the dishes, sweep the house and its surroundings, washing his dirty clothes and others. As he get used to these activities now, he will not find it difficult to take up these responsibilities as he lives on his own as they are already part of his life.


Educating your child also means that you need to lead or teach by your own good example. For example, how will your child feel when he hear you say, "Tell him I'm not home", if you do not want to talk to someone at the door. Will your child be able to cherish honesty. Note that Children are more influenced by their parents than by someone else and they are like sponges that soak everything that we say and do. Thus, they will be the one to tell you that what you teach is not in line with what you do.

This show that parents are in the first position to train their children in the proper way to go as along as you put into practice what you teach. You can successfully train your child by first check your own standard of what is right from wrong. Analyze the kind of entertainment you watch, your friends, how you treat your marriage mate and kids, and be the type of person you want your child to be.

As an educator, do you admit your mistakes and apologize to your mate and children? By so doing, you are teaching a valuable topic - honesty and humility.

"As parents, we have the greatest influence on our children, and our example is the greatest tool we have because they see it all the time. It's the book that's always open, the lesson that's always being taught." - Wendell


From the fore-going, child;s education is a primary assignment given to parents. I believe by applying these principles, parents will fulfill this role - an educator. Above all, our Grand Creator Jehovah God placed parents in this right position to accomplish.

Thanks to kids lovers for reading through my post.

Best wishes to @ngoenyi and to the Admin.



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