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Hello my fellow kids, how are you doing trust you guys are healthy.

I want to write about my favourite food and how it is Prepared.


Coconut rice taste Different from jellof rice and with the taste and the taste of coconut milk makes it smell good and taste nice.

Ingredients to prepare coconut rice.

Beafshrimpfresh tomatoes
Fresh pepperMaggiesalt

So the quantity of coconut you will use depends on how cups of rice you want to cook.coconut contains good fat and oik that is good for the system.

  • Why i love coconut rice

  • It is because it is delicious.

  • It tastes great

  • It smells good

Howto Prepare it.

Coconut has different ways of preparation depending in what you want to use it for but for coconut rice, you will break it, make sure you buy dry one, after removing it, wash it very well and grind it, then remove chaf use the water to cook your rice.

Am sure you like my coconut rice

Thank you @steemkidss @ngoenyi

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Hello dear @ijeoma345, thank you for sharing this delicious recipe of coconut rice with us here. I appreciate it a lot.

But to make your post have quality, you need to post upto 250 words. This you can do by defining the ingredients you used for the food, taking pictures of the process of you prepared it, then take pictures of the food with you