The diary game, how i spend my day with other kids on Sunday 12/9/2021 by @ijeoma345

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Hello good people of Steemit,am happy to share my day with you because good things said we should call it,i was introduced to Steemit by @ijelady and am not regretting it, because i have learn a lot on this platform especially Steemkids community,

The Steemit platform has helped my me to improve my thinking and my knowledge, with Steemit no dull moment.

The idea of going to Steemit came up on Saturday after our training with @ijelady,she said she will take us to Tropicana so that we will enjoy ourselves and i didn't show my happiness but inside me the Joy was much,but on Sunday afternoon after our meeting and @ijelady said, every one should prepare let us go to Tropicana ,I prepared and other kids prepared and we zoom off to the main place, TROPICANA IN UYO CITY.






I enjoyed myself so much that I was only smiling, now I know that Steemit is work and chop,is all fun and i wish to visit so many beautiful places in uyo so that i can tell beautiful stories about Uyo City.


Thank you so much mummy @ijelady, your love for kids is amazing, and your love for me worth emulation,i will help other kids to know about Steemit,may Jehovah reward you and give you back all that you spend that day

Written by me @ijeoma345

Thank you @steemkidss and @ngoenyi

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You really enjoyed your day on Sunday @ijeoma345. I really appreciate your efforts @ijelady for taking care of your kind on Steemit platform


Sure they are leaders of tomorrow


Yes ooooooooo

Hi @ijeoma345 , thanks for sharing this beautiful activity with us. Keep working and sharing quality postwith the community. We are happy that you are here. We recommend that you follow our curation trail and we invite you to know the community guidelines so that you follow all the parameters. In these links you can locate this information.

This is a good one, keep enjoying your day

Hi sweetie, greetings to you. How are you doing? Please, I came around to choose quality posts from your blog for steemkids community, but I didn't see any. Please do make one for a better chance of selection. We love you and will like to read more of your creative publications


I was discouraged because most of my post was not noticed so i felt i am not writing what you want,but since you still want me to write i will @ngoenyi