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Hello fellow steemians and all the kids

My name is @ijeoma345,I want to share with you 6 things that can cause family failure, and also 4 ways to avoid family failure.

First I learn that marriage is meant to be a happy union between a man and woman,but marital failure when husband and wife no longer live together as one,It affect not only them selves but also other members of the family, particularly their when disagreement takes lead in family it leads to family failure,

*Reasons for marital failure

  • Infertility/Unfaithfulness
  • It is a situation where the husband or the wife is cheating on each other, this leads to distrust and disagreement

  • Childlessness:It is also a couples are unable to produce children of their own,when they find it difficult to bear,it will affect their love for One another, they ma6 see no reason to continue

  • Intolerance: Because they came from different backgrounds they may find it difficult to tolerate one another.

  • Disrespect: Lack of respect on both couples can lead to collapse of the marriage

  • Financial Challenges: When there is financial problems, some couples become less patience because they are unable to meet their financial needs

  • Family interference: Unnecessary interference of family members often leads to Marital failure


Now 4 ways of preventing marital failure

  • Faithfulness:If married couples remain faithful to each other, they will be able to handle their Challenges
  • Tolerance: They should tolerate each other irespective of their background
  • Respect: Showing love and respect to each other will help to prevent marriage problem
  • Trust: Trusting each other is vital in keeping their marriage intact.


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This is lovely coming from you, thank you for sharing our steemkids verified member. Keep it up dear one.