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The responsibility of the teacher is yet important in distance education

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There is no fear that the educator has a amazing function in make the student's personality and influencing his behavior, and this element can't be completed at some stage in distance education, especially if the time duration is long, on the one hand, and on the other hand when dealing with the lower simple stages, this The effect is almost non-existent.

specially the distortion of the electronic evaluation stage this yr as a end result of resorting to cheating, both immediately or with the assist of mother and father for the duration of the performance of evaluation tests, which distorts the lifelong behavioral values ​​of children, and distorts the values ​​of these who have been raised on them via younger people.

The school environment in usual affects the behavior and persona of the student, whether from officials interior the school - administration and teachers, or from different students. Student behavior, and the reason is due to the latest loss of the teacher. Therefore, the affect of the college surroundings and the administration seems clear in the conduct and behavior of students inside and outside the college walls, whether fine or negative.

If we prefer to consider the stage of far flung instructing in terms of the educational function performed by teachers, I see a clear absence of the instructional function in this period, for numerous reasons, perhaps the most important of which is that the professors who had been on the platform are no longer from inside the Ministry of Education, and are now not instructors in schools. governmental.

Between Student and Teacher

Therefore, there is no language of conversation between them and the students without the instructional material, then the instructional element disappears completely, specially in the material recorded on television monitors and on YouTube. Add to that, some of what we have considered and heard from some professors through many websites and on your lesson platform who utter non-educational phrases at some point of the explanation, which is negatively mirrored on the students, because these phrases are reprehensible with the aid of any educator or teacher and are now not fantastic for the academic or educational process.

The position of the trainer is no longer solely limited to giving scientific material, we have noticed that the educational role of teachers all through the distance education length was once now not sufficiently responsible, so how can any one who is short in his instructional function be creative in the educational role, except he has non-public goals specific.

Through a group of observations, some teachers in personal faculties have rewritten the scientific cloth as it is in the textbook on papers - and handwritten - and posted it on social networking sites. This behavior will have psychological penalties for the student in not trusting the teacher’s competence, in addition. poor have an impact on on instructional attainment.

Some instructors have given questions earlier than the examination in the form of a review, and the digital evaluation includes the same questions - which comprise the identical scientific errors - and consequently this will affect the current technology with the lack of credibility from teachers, supervisors and non-public colleges who have been reviewed.

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