Diary Game // 09-09-2021, A Fulfilled Day by @patience90

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Hello dear kids and kids lovers all over the world. I am @patience90 and you are welcome to my blog.
Today, I want to share with you how I spent my day on the 09th September, 2021 accompanying a fellow steemian for charity work.


My nieces and I had devotion first thing in the morning after waking up then did our individual chores while I also cooked spaghetti for us before stepping out to meet other steemians for the charity work.

My nieces and I. Prospective steemkids @nuellacollection and @visiongold
They are still working on their achievement 1.

We joined fellow steemians @pato84, @desiredlady and @charis20 outside the schoolgate where @charis20 was doing charity.


Below are the kids who benefited from the charity and they were 4 siblings who lost their dad last year


They were so happy as they got registered, new uniforms and writing materials. All thanks to @charis20.


Later in the afternoon, @charis20 hosted us in a nearby refreshments center.

That woman is wonderful. ChaiiIMG_20210910_084237_503.jpgIMG_20210910_091613_845.jpg
After relaxing a while, I took my girls for National Identity Card registration which was successfull to the glory of God.IMG_20210909_142358.jpg


After the registration, I took them to the barbershop for a haircut and we finally left for home.

On getting home, we had a warm bath, ate our remaining spaghetti and slept off.IMG_20210909_163737.jpg


My day was a fulfilled one because I was able to accompany a steemian for a charity work and also, my nieces registration and barbing.

Thanks for reading.



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Good Journal of your day's activities. I love and cherish most the aspect of charity work. It is really good to touch and impact people's lives positively. Much appreciation to @charis20 for such a kindhearted gestures. She is a woman with a large heart. Even though I did chop the pepper soup but I was given some Steem to get a plate too. Kudos your day was well spent

Wow, what an interesting Day, you really enjoyed your day. I wish I were you. 🥺


Awww, don't worry I'll invite you someday.


I am waiting

Hi @patinence90!
Thank you very much for being part of Steemkids Community and for contributing your quality publications in this space dedicated especially for you.
I invite you to participate in each of our initiatives that are set, I also invite you to join the @steemkidss curation trail and I invite you to delegate your steem power with us so that together we can grow and be part of your growth in steemit.
I wish you a happy day.


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Waw that great one indeed. Keep it up dear. God will reward you.

It was touching, seeing those kids so happy in that uniforms, hmm,it is good to thank God for where you are and were you are coming from.

Wow! What a gesture and a hospitable morals you guys showed there. This is recommendable indeed.


Thank you sir