"Steemit Engagement Challenge S3-W1: My dreams in childhood by @samuel20"

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I welcome everyone to another season in the engagement challenge.This is another period of position many and engaging a lot.Lets keep the ball rolling.


We all at some point when we were growing up had a lot of dreams on what we would like to achieve in the future or when we grow up.Sometimes we end up achieving them, sometimes we may not achieve all or any.Thats what makes life to be unpredictable.

Just like every other human being.I had beautiful dreams while growing up.It is natural to dream big.Now to the meat of the essay.

What were the dreams you had in childhood for the future.

When I was a child,I was a very quite and studious child.I Iike to read often,to take care of family members who are ill and to observe people behavior to know when they aren't in good state of health.Infact my parents and neighbours call me observer because of these attributes.

First I had a dream of becoming a graduate one day in my life and secondly to graduate as a medical doctor.I have been working towards this dreams from primary to secondary school level.At a point,I was close to our family doctor because I wanted to be like him.

After my secondary school,I wrote the joint admission and matriculation board (JAMB) exams where I applied for medicine and surgery.Alas,the result was seized because there was riot and disorder at my exam center that particular year.

I didn't relent,I tried again the next year and it was a successful exam and result.I went for the Post Utme and completed the exam.I was thinking that equity exists in the education system but it was unfortunate that people that scored below my grade got admission under the guise of quota system and people that offered money for consideration.

I grew,angry but anger does not solve problems.I waited and waited but they finally offered me admissions to study biochemistry instead.I decided to accept it and I studied and graduated in the department of biochemistry.

Who supported you in that dreams.

My parents supported me a lot.They saw me through primary and high school.They also paid for my JAMB expenses although I did some from my savings then.

As for the higher institution proper.My parents did their best and I got help from one of my uncles and an aunt at some point.It was not always easy to graduate from Nigerian institutions but all thanks to God,my parents and relatives who supported me all through the process.

Which one of those dreams have you achieved.

ab initio i mentioned that my two dreams were to be a graduate and to graduate as a medical doctor.At the present I was able to achieve the dream of being a graduate and I have completed my National Youth Service (NYSC) too.So it is a dream come through.

Which one did you not achieve, What do you think went wrong?

It is unfortunate that I didn't achieve the other dream which was to be a medical doctor.This was due to circumstances beyond my control.However,I don't feel too bad about it anymore.There are people born blind, crippled and other deformities and they are still happy to be alive.So I am happy that I achieve one of my childhood dreams and so it's a reason to give God thanks and be grateful.

Now the Conclusion

This contest is a great one.It is a means of drawing adults back to the memory lane and a means of making the younger generation to see the Importance of setting dreams for their life.You may not achieve all your dreams,but it is important to set your dreams and work towards them with a positive mindset.In all,only God knows the best for us and he alone directs our steps but we have to play our own part and leave the rest for God.

I am inviting @kawsar @olabillions @chant to participate in this contest.

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Thank you, @samuel20 for joining the contest in our community today.

I enjoyed reading your dream story and it was so interesting. What I realized is that most African Countries suffers from this issue of bribery and corruption during exams as merit students are not merit while unmerit students are merited which is really bad. This has also happened to me because when I wrote an engineering exam, there was alot of riot and most of us that wrote that year didn't passed. We where surprised that people that didn't even register for the exams talkless of writing it instead passed as their names where boldly written on the notice board.

However, I am so happy that you where able to accomplish your other dream which was being a graduate and I'm so happy for your family and parents in supporting you all along

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Thanks for reviewing my post @chiabertrand it is very true especially in Nigeria they use money to bribe for university admission and people that score higher sometimes won't even be considered.Thats unfortunate.

Glad you achieved one if your childhood dreams, to become a graduate. And yeah no need to feel bad if we couldn’t become what we dreamed of as a child, that might not be the right path as such one couldn’t achieve it

Steemon bro


You are very correct.In life we may not achieve all our dreams.I am glad I achieved one out of the two.No more need to grow sad about it.



Glad to see you here teammate. I have read about educational system inequality 2nd time in Nigeria. It's not good, especially for deserving children. But you are blessed that you achieve your one dream through your family's support. Thank you for your participation in the engagement challenge. Best of luck


I have read about educational system inequality 2nd time in Nigeria. It's not good, especially for deserving children.

It has been happening here in our land over the years and nothing is done about it by the 'powers that be.'Thanks for commenting friend @ashkhan

Thank you for inviting me and I will drop my entry soon.
As children, we had good dreams but the society has a way of influencing us to either follow or divert from our dreams.
One good thing is that when you are focused on achieving your dreams, no matter the matter, you end up achieving at least one of them. I am glad despite negative role of the society in your life, you ended up achieving your goal of being a graduate 👨‍🎓. Kudos and keep aiming higher.

I really love and appreciate your dreams and I must say that is what most african go through went it came to examination because those that merit it will not be rewarded while those that are not Merit are rewarded and I must say that you had a good dream of becaming a medical doctor which you did not succeeded and I also appreciate the fact that you finally ended up.as a biochemistry which is also a dream come true and I also want to appriacite the effort you parents put in place to ensure that you succeeded in your education and finally you made them proud.

And this is how we get to know each other better.(•ิ‿•ิ)

I studied and graduated in the department of biochemistry

I know exactly what you went through. First with when my son applied for medicine and now with my stepdaughter. As for her, she passed matric last year with 7 distinctions of which 2 was in the 90% but she was not approved for medicine at all the universities she applied at. She knew studies medical science with the hope that in two years time she can reapply and change her study field.

Sometimes we need to go with the flow to get the results we want.
Thank you for sharing and good luck with the contest!


Thanks for your comments.It is a similar situation with your step daughter,I don't like it when deserving children are denied University admission even when they score higher grades.

I wish her well in medical sciences and hope that gets direct entry to medicine after 2 years.


Thank you my friend. We can only keep our fingers cross. 🤞

Your parents where very supportive to achieve your dream and never forget them in your life time thanks for sharing this here