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At a certain age, the child must hear the term “vitamin.” Some ask his parents about the subject, and some of them do not pay any attention to the matter, but it is good for the child to know even a little about this topic, and today’s article will be a simplified explanation of the concept of vitamins and their functions in addition to the most important vitamins that the child needs and the best sources to get it.


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What do we mean by vitamins?

Vitamins are compounds that are necessary for the body and because it is unable to produce them on their own, so a person must obtain them from external sources by eating foods that contain vitamins that the body needs to perform its functions properly.

Why do we need vitamins?

We said in the previous article that the body needs calories to carry out its daily functions, starting from moving the hand to washing the face in the morning until lying in bed at night to sleep, but is this all the body does? The answer is no.
Here highlights the role of vitamins in the body, the bones, or the body, in general, cannot grow without vitamins. We also need vitamins to renew the cells that die periodically in our bodies, in addition to building muscles.

Types of vitamins

There are thirteen types of vitamins, but today we will suffice with the main types, which are:

  • Vitamin A
    Necessary for building body cells and developing the immune system. It is found in several natural sources such as liver, milk, leafy greens, and some fruits such as apricots.

  • Vitamin B
    One of the most important vitamins and has several types, and each type has a role in the body, the most important of which is helping to extract energy from food. It is found in many foods, the most important of which are whole grains, beans, and meat.

  • Vitamin C
    Helps maintain the integrity of the skin and is available in some foods such as citrus fruits, broccoli, red or green peppers.

  • Vitamin D
    Its most important role is to preserve the bones and is produced under the skin through exposure to sunlight. As for areas where sunlight is less, it can be found in fish or eggs.

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Hi @stcryptworld you did really well for outlining the benefits of vitamins, their types and why we need them, our kids need it too

Hello @steemkidss

The children of today are the men of tomorrow, and the development of a generation that is aware of the responsibility of everyone, not just parents, so everyone must do their part.
This community is based on helping children gain more information in all fields, and this is what I like about it.