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As I had mentioned in a previous post this week, it is pretty rare for me to back me in Early Access or Kickstarter due to some bad experiences in the past. However, I still love the ideas that are just waiting to burst from concept to perhaps being one of my perfect games!

So, I've taken to backing games that have developers that have some degree of reputation behind them. So, this month has been odd in that I've managed to back two games! The previous game was Terra Invicta by the developers of the Long War mods for XCom.

This second game is set in a completely different setting, a might and magic one rather than the space and aliens of the first! King Arthur is the next game from Hungarian studio Neocore Games, of Van Helsing, King Arthur and Stronghold fame.

I was (and still am) a huge fan of the Van Helsing ARPG with the great characters and setting... I'm not normally such a huge fan of ARPGs, finding them to be RPG lites for people with short attention spans. The King Arthur games were a sort of Total War spin-off with an Arthurian setting. I had been quite interested in it, but forgot about it at some point! This game has reminded me about it again, and I'm in the process of reinstalling it on my computer as I'm writing this! Stronghold, I had played and enjoyed when I was younger but I haven't played the more recent iterations.

So, a studio with some definite chops then... And they have said that the game will be developed and launched, regardless of the outcome of the Kickstarter.

The game concept is pretty intriguing... a perma-death turn based RPG. From the annoucement trailer and the Kickstarter page, there seems to be a decent amount of base building in the Camelot castle, and a nice array of weapons, armour and equipment in addition to skill trees and spells.

You are the Head of a newly reformed Round Table of Arthurian legend, with your knights and heroes having differing personalities to juggle. It appears that there will be more than the XCOM tactics as you will need to manage your heroes to keep them loyal to your crown in addition to keeping them alive!

The interesting twist on the legend is the fact that you are playing as the Knight Modred, having lethally wounded King Arthur in battle, you find that the King is in fact immortal and unable to die! However, being kept unnaturally alive the King is slowly twisting the magical lands of Britannia into a nightmare of undead and other beastly horrors. So, it falls to you to form a new Round Table and gather your forces at Camelot to rectify the problem!

I do wonder about the implementation of the actual game though, especially on the tactics level. Much of the turn-based tactics that is heavily melee based can turn into gang-ups and focus fire on targets until you win. When this is combined with perma-death, it could lead to some pretty nasty battles that are going to result in some serious casualties for the player. This is realistic, but when the computer AI doesn't have to nurse and worry about casualties, it can end up being a very frustrating game mechanic!

Well, count me quite interested in this Kickstarter as well! A developer with some pretty decent games under their belt with a nice twist in the Arthurian tale...

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