Immortals: Fenyx Rising

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Immortals Fenyx Rising takes the theme of fantasy open-world adventure, by adopting the world of Greek mythology which is packaged in a unique way. Instead of seriously emphasizing the historical side, players will find a mythological world full of comedy.

This is thanks to the narrative aspect which emphasizes jokes and gives an idea that the Greek gods we know their names and roles so far have not always appeared as powerful figures.

This you will encounter since the beginning of the game when you play Fenyx. He is an ordinary person who accidentally gets caught up in the troubles that hit the gods. Actually, not accidentally, but on purpose by Prometheus.

Immortals: Fenyx Rising, There is a New Ubisoft Touch

The introduction in the game world is designed to be quite simple and clear. That way, Fenyx and players will immediately see a fairly wide world of the game. If you've been playing games from Ubisoft like Assassin's Creed or Far Cry, imagine the vast world of the game, but with a simpler visual feel.

Due to elevating the mythological world, the game environment also does not fully take the elements of realism that have been synonymous with the real world. You could say this world brings players' curiosity, and the hope is that Immortals: Fenyx Rising will provide a special gameplay.

Immortals: Fenyx Rising, There is a New Ubisoft Touch

We will not provide much information about the story that is carried by Immortals Fenyx Rising. Zeus, Prometheus, and Hermes are the three main characters who will frequently intersect with Fenyx. Tartaros is the main antagonist who turns out to be a threat to these gods.

Like the title of the game, Fenyx will become a human who has the support of the gods in defeating Tartaros in many ways. From here a game style is created that is quite interesting and arguably not found in other games. Like the stories of humans who get a task from gods, Fenyx will go on a mission to save four gods who will help him defeat Tartaros.

Immortals: Fenyx Rising, There is a New Ubisoft Touch

This way of saving the gods is wrapped in a funny narrative, and it often makes us laugh while playing. This also makes players more excited about completing the main mission. Players will also find some side missions that really aren't that many, and the completion time is also quite short.

There are several other missions that are point of interest, and these are more focused on increasing Fenyx's abilities throughout the story, such as taking resources in the form of Ambrosia or Zeus's lightning in Tartaros Vault.

Then there are several challenges that hone the thinking skills of players such as Speed, Lyre, Constellation, or Myth Challenge which will give Charon Coins prizes to unlock abilities that are equivalent to gods.

The number of challenges is quite a lot, especially for Tartaros Vault which might give a sense of repetitive. You can just focus on following the main story, but completing these challenges will help Fenyx defeat an increasingly strong enemy.

Immortals: Fenyx Rising, There is a New Ubisoft Touch

Fenyx's enemies here are monsters that often appear in the world of Greek mythology, such as cyclops or medusas. There is no need to worry because Fenyx has various abilities that can beat them quickly, by using the charon coins obtained from completing challenges.

Stamina is the main element in the game, because many of Fenyx's activities will consistently drain your stamina. For that, it is very important to take advantage of momentum and increase stamina capacity. Don't forget to increase the strength of the weapons installed, so that Fenyx can beat his opponents quickly.

Immortals: Fenyx Rising, There is a New Ubisoft Touch

The game world is designed to be more friendly than other big Ubisoft games, even though there are lots of actions that feel familiar. At least, the feel of the game doesn't feel very harsh thanks to the hilarious narrative. The visual quality offered is also very good, at the beginning of the launch we didn't find any bugs that were quite annoying.

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