Review Game Ponpu

3개월 전

Ponpu tells the story of a duck alien who wants to fight evil and save the universe from destruction and disaster during his journey. Thanks to The Amplifier Group, Gwimin had the opportunity to try this unique single-player game early. Gwimin's first impression when playing Ponpu, immediately fell on her unique art style! The graphics displayed feel like a cool hand drawn. The appearance that is given seems simple and looks like a cartoon.

Apart from graphics and appearance, the mechanics offered by Ponpu are also quite interesting and easy to understand. Starting from fighting enemies with bombs, defending with force fields, to other unique skills. During the journey in the story that is served, we will meet various types of opponents and boss battles. According to Gwimin, the most exciting part is during boss battles, this is because each boss has different skills so that we can't use the same tactics or

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