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Monster Hunter Rise has a data size of 6.6GB on the Nintendo Switch, with a fairly fast loading time. Like the previous Monster Hunter series, Rise also presents a multiplayer feature, especially through Rampage, which offers a number of quests to be played with other players. Following the success of World, the good news is that Capcom plans to launch Monster Hunter Rise to the PC platform in 2022.

Classic Concept with Old Japanese Nuance

Similar to its predecessor, players will be asked to do Character Creation at the beginning of the game. Starting from modifying hair, eyes, eyebrows, hair, body shape, skin, age, muscles, and many more. Even though it is not as detailed and clear as World, this character creation is enough to satisfy players. Not only characters, players also have the right to modify Palamute's appearance.

Monster Hunter Rise carries the feel of ancient Japan. Although Monster Hunter Rise is said to be smaller in scale compared to Monster Hunter World, this latest title is able to push the boundaries of the Monster Hunter series.

Wirebug and Wyvern Riding who are the mainstays

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Must be fun to create the characters for our players, I like an avatar that's similar to me and I'm sure everyone enjoys too, to make their own design of their avatars, right guys? You have to choose which characters you want whether it's a girl or boy avatar and they have their own features as well. And they have different interesting fighting abilities, you can choose like the Thor who has his instrument, an Aqua Girl who uses chemicals, or a girl who has a whip guys. It's fun and you have to let them fight each other and one of them will win as well.