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In this game, you will summon to get some princess heroes, then from these heroes, you will choose 6 heroes that you like to be used as your core team. Your team slowly you level up and you use it to defeat the boss from each stage. When you stop at a certain stage, then you can turn off your game and come back a few hours later (maximum 8 hours) to receive some EXP, Equipment, Items, and Gold. There are many other features in this game such as Guild, Friend Boss, Mine, Tower, and others which we will discuss one by one.

Summon Princess - Summon
3 Summon Options
You can do 2 free summon every day, and there are also lots of events that reward you with diamonds every day that you can collect for summoning. We recommend summoning x10 because the price is cheaper, which is 2200 diamonds.

You can exchange 1 star and 2 star heroes to get 2 star and 3 star heroes randomly. Whereas 3-star and 4-star heroes, you can use them to make 5-star heroes. You can use 5-star heroes later as materials to make the highest level heroes, who can reach Lv. 140. So whatever hero you get from summoning, you can use it for the future of your team.

Summon Princess - Integration
Integration Feature To Make Hero Highest Star
Battle System
In the Summon Princess game, the choice of skill will determine the strength of your team. We recommend using several heroes with matching skills in a team so that the opponent can be knocked out quickly. For example: If you use a hero who has the skill to hit all enemies behind, then don't use another hero who has the skill to hit all enemies in front, because this will only make no enemy paralyzed and make the stage difficult to pass.

Summon Princess - Information of the hero
This hero deals damage to all enemies behind.
Upgrade Hero
You need Gold and Soul to level up your hero, and Gold Soul to break through certain levels (40, 50, 60, 80, 100, and 140). You can get Gold, Soul, and Gold Soul from the AFK system, where you just have to turn off the game and come back a few hours (up to a maximum of 8 hours) later. The amount of Gold, Soul, and Gold Soul you get depends on where you put your hero to idle. The higher the stage you occupy, the more amount you will get.

If you are in a hurry, you can also sacrifice unused heroes to become Soul, Gold Soul, and Soul Dust on the Virtual Altar menu. You can use Soul Dust to buy various 4-star and 5-star heroes at the Soul Shop shop.

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